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Spring has sprung so get out your goat.

Yes, we understand ... the time to talk outdoor grilling is during the warmth of summer--ell that to all those feasting tailgaters who cook up a storm prior to attending NFL playoff games at night!--but we've always enjoyed cool-weather cooking. After all, who wants to sweat over a red-hot grill in 90[degrees] heat while battling mosquitoes, gnats, ants, and yellowjackets when you can keep warm and eat like a king in the spring!

We found some handy items to further our cause when perusing a catalogue from Grilly Goat, a division of Sackso Enterprises, LLC, Lakewood, Ohio. Its Basting Tongs & Sauce Pot Set are just what the (hungry) doctor ordered. There's no more balancing tongs, brushes, and sauces. The griller-friendly Basting Tongs let you stop spillin' and start grillin', as these deluxe 16" stainless steel locking tongs have soft, no-slip grip pads for optimum comfort. The angled, off set brush keeps your hands away from dangerous flareups while the silicone basting brush insert features liquid-lifting bristles that are heat resistant (up to 500[degrees]F) and will not clump or frizz. To keep messes to a minimum, grab the handy two-cup Sauce Pot. The stainless steel bowl will put your favorite marinades and sauces within easy reach of the Basting Tongs--and the slot-and-tab design was created to keep those tongs in place and allow for easy removal. Plus, you'll love the ergonomic handle for comfort and stability. Of course, grilling always is fun when the right tools are close at hand. The Sauce Pot Caddy--zinc-plated for weather resistance with a drink holder and utensil hook--lets you do just that.


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Title Annotation:Basting Tongs & Sauce Pot Set; WHAT'S NEW?
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Date:Mar 1, 2010
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