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Spring fling: talk about love at first sight. Spring's hottest eye carry is adorable, romantic and bright. (We mean the clothes.) We found fresh 'n' flirty threads that will look extra cute for your next date. Plus, we're giving you tips on what to say and do once you hit the town. Better than a bouquet of flowers, right?


That '70s Girl Cropped, blooming trousers and a camel topper make a floral dress wearable when it's still a bit chilly. Crocheted wedges are this season's prettiest shoe and, oh yeah, they're totally easy to walk in.


Relax! Conquer your nerves before you leave the house. "Try to forget it's a first date, and act like you guys have been friends for a long time," suggests dating coach Josh Rosenbeng. "Keep your body language relaxed," he adds. Arms uncrossed and squared shoulders will make you more approachable. Smile!

ON HER: Coat, 864, Sweater, 870, Wooden Ships. Dress, $103. Mink Pink. Jeans, $24, Vanilla star Jeans. Socks, $6, HUE. Shoes, $56, Jellypop. Earrings, $60, Emily Elizabeth Jewelry. ON HIM. Sweater, $93, Alkemy. Hoodie, $40, Element. Tee, $56, Cutch and Harley, Jeans, $92, Silver Jeans. Shoes, $59, Skechers. OPPOSITE PAGE. ON HER: Jacket, $167, Emu Australia: Shirt, 86. Susie Rose. Dress, 860, lulu&com. Socks, 86, HUE. Shoes. $150, Irregular choice. Hat, $34. Danger Lilly for Unique Vintage. Necklace, $125, Emily Elizabeth Jewelry. Bag, $12, LittleMissMatched. ON HIM: Shirt, $80, Counsil. Tie, $59, English Laundry. Jeans, $82, Silver Jeans. Shoes $35, Marc Ecko S.C. Suspenders, $20,


Here Comes the

Hyper-bright yellow adds a close of sunshine to any outfit. Balance a floaty dress with heavy-duty heels. A boxy blazer and embroidered fedora keep it polished, not prissy.


Skip the rabbit food. Don't be afraid to order your fave eats on a date--it'll show you're one confident chica. When it's time for dessert, order something you two can split. A sweet treat will bring you closer.


Walk this Way

Update your BF jeans with a crocheted beret and flirty pumps. A bright clutch and eye-catching lipstick make it positively presh.

Five Dates Boys Love

1. Night bowling: Black lights, duckpins and awesome jams? Total score!

2. Fun concert: Nothing better than rockin' out to a band you both love.

3. A friendly competition: Challenge him to a showdown, whether it's Scrabble, shooting hoops or a go-kart race.

4. Something sporty: Glide along in ice skates or go hand-over-hand on a rock wall--active dates are a blast (or at least good for a couple laughs).

5. Horror movie marathon: Even if you're terrified, it's a fab excuse to snuggle.

ON HER: Jacket, $49, Jolt. Blouse, $70. Mink Pink. Tee. $20, Aeropostale. Jeans, $40, Ariya Jeans. Seeks. $7. HUE. Heels. $99, Poetic Licence. Hat. 822, Scala Pronto. Bag, $30, ON HIM: Sweater. $48, Analog. Shirt, $45. Urban Behavior. Jeans. $55. Aeropostale. Shoes, $40, Zoo York.


Hot Wheels

Icy blue hues are spring's prettiest neutrals. Flower-dotted bloomers are just as girly as a skirt, but let ya move around. Socks and tights mean your strappy sandals can come out to play a little earlier.

Flirting 101

Aren't sure how to show a cute bog you're feelin' him? Here's our guide to being a li'l flirtatious. Do: Hold his gaze an extra second. Do: Take the initiative. Do: Be playful and joke around with him. Do: Touch him on the shoulder when he's being funny. Be yourself. You want him to fall for the real you.

ON HER: Blue; sweater. $106, Charlotte Tarantola for Girls. White sweater, $70. Hazel Clothes, Shorts, $24, Tights, $13, HUE. Socks, $6, Chinese Laundry Legwear. Heels, $54, Jellypop. Blue bangles, $7, Sarah Ashil. Yellow bangles, $24, Fantasy Jewelry Box. ON HIM: Jacket $127, Urban Behavior. Jeans. $54. Levi's. Socks. $3, Target. Shoes, $59. Skechers.


Light Hearted

Glimpse your fashion future by pairing an ethereal frock with tie-dyed tights. Remember: If your dress is laced with Iotsa fringe and flounce, sweep your hair off your neck.


Best way to break the ice? Playfully read his palm. We chatted up expert Dee Dumont for a crash course.

* Get to know both palms: The right hand deals with jobs and careers. The left is all about feelings.

* There are three major lines: heart line, head line and life line. A curvy line means the person is more emotional.

A straight one means he's more logical.

* A long heart line (the one closest to his fingers) means he's super emotional.

* A long head line (in the middle) means he's way thoughtful.

* A long life line (closest to his thumb) means he's passionate about life and tries to make the most out of it.

ON HER: Dress, $175, MK2K, Tights, $7, Payless. Black flower, $12, Scala Collezione. Pink and white flowers, $16 each, Femme. Necklace, $46. Dogeared. Clutch, $98, M. Clifford Designs. ON HIM: Jacket, $15, Uproar by JCPenney. Shirt, $69, Alkemy. Tie, $59, English Laundry. Pants, $48. Lifetime.


Fashionably Loud

Put this on your playlist: A casual cardi tossed over a party-ready dress. It goes from strolling through the mall to rockin' out at a semi without any effort.

5 V-Day Gifts He'll Totally Love

1. His fave album--on vingl

2. A totally personal mix CD

3. Your best homemade brownies, cut into a heart shape, natch

4. A framed photo of the two of you

5. A handmade card and a movie ticket (you'll have the other one for the same show, obvi)

ON HER: Sweater, $84 Charlotte Tarantola for Girls. Dress, $46, Necklace, $58, Dogeared, ON HIM: Sweater, $69, Alkemy. Shirt, $89, English Rose, Jeans, $198, Affliction Black Premium. Hat, $33, Brixton,


Suit Up

Wanna make your fave military pieces work on a date? Toss them over a feminine blouse and add a huge flower pin. A single bud softens up the entire vibe.


We're smitten! Our male model Jessey is not only funny and smart, he holds doors, pulls out chairs and, oh yeah, he's also super hot. Ever wonder what the cutest boy you know thinks about girls? Here's what gets Jessey's attention ...

ON MAKEUP: "Forget the makeup from time to time. Guys think you are pretty without it."

ON TRENDS: "Jeggings are weird-looking. Just wear jeans or leggings!"

ON DRAMA: "Jealousy always confuses me. Girls act like they're not mad about a certain girl, when they totally are!"

ON V-DAY: "The best gift a girl ever gave me was a cute photo of us."


Styled by Heather Williams-Baumgart. Hair by Nicholas Molina. Makeup by Ngozi Olandu. For where to buy, see page 78.

Special thanks to: Sound Garden, Baltimore Bicycle Works, Mr. Yogato, Brick Oven Pizza, Bonaparte Breads and Celie's Waterfront Inn, all in Baltimore, Md.

ON HER: Jacket, $46, Celebrity Pink Jeans. Blouse, $15, TJ.Maxx. Pants, $20, Almost Famous. Earrings, $5, Flower, $12, Scala Collezione. ON HIM: Shirt, $69, Alkemy. Tee, $36, Dutch and Harley. Jeans, $92, Silver Jeans.
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