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Spring bowhunting from A to Z.

As I sit down to write my annual "spring" column, winter has a tightly clenched death grip on the landscape outside my window. The thermometer at home read a balmy 2 degrees this morning, and my hands are so full of splits it hurts to type.

Needless to say, I am eagerly anticipating much better--and warmer--days ahead. So, without further ado, I offer the following alphabetized thoughts on springtime bowhunting:

A: Antlers. Buck deer and bull elk have shed them, which means we get to go find them. I'm looking forward to some productive woods walks with Goldie the antler dog.

B: Bear Takedown. I got one of these classic recurves just before Christmas, and I can't wait to chase Florida hogs with it in April.

C: Canada. Nothing offers a better combination of relaxation and adrenaline rushes than a spring bear hunt north of the border, and I've got New Brunswick on the calendar for May.

D: Donuts. They're not only great for breakfast; they bring hungry bears into the bait.

E: Early Mornings. About the only thing I don't like about turkey hunting is peeling myself off the mattress at ungodly hours.

F: Fishing. More specifically, bow-fishing for all those spawning carp that will soon litter the surface of your favorite backwater.

G: Gobble. As in, I think he's getting closer!

H: Hiking. As you can read inside this issue, there's nothing like lacing up your boots and covering ground for a "Bow and Go" gobbler.

I: Inspiration. It's easy to find in the spring. Just watch a misty mountain sunrise or gaze at a meadow of blooming wildflowers.

J: Jakes. Sure, they're the dumbest turkeys in the woods. And after a couple early mornings, they start looking pretty good!

K: Kids. Spring is a great time to make new memories in the field. This year, I'm hoping my oldest boy gets his first gobbler.

L: Laughs. There's always a good prank to be pulled around turkey or bear camp. Just hope the joke isn't on you!

M: Morel Mushrooms. Hunting for these fabulous fungi is almost as much fun as bowhunting turkeys. Well, maybe half as much.

N: Nature. It's awesome in all four seasons, but especially so in the spring.

0: Opportunity. As bowbunters, all we ask for is a chance. The rest is up to us.

P: Pigs. Anytime is a fine time to shoot pigs, and if you book a turkey hunt where hogs also roam, your hunt can be twice as nice.

Q: Quiet Reflection. The action isn't always fast and furious, but don't dismiss the value of down time to simply sit and admire the beauty of God's creation.

R: Razor-Sharp Broadheads. Careful with those things; they're wicked!

S: Strutter. Is there a prettier sight in the spring woods than a sun-drenched longbeard marching into your decoys?

T: Turkey Pot Pie. Or turkey tenders. However you prepare it, a freshly killed torn sure is tasty.

U: Umbrella. Call me a wimp, but I never head afield without my tree umbrella. It has saved more than one sit on a bear stand, and on turkey hunts it doubles as a ground blind.

V: Victorious. It's how you'll feel when you punch a tag or hoist the season's first 3-D tournament trophy.

W: Wildlife. Critters are all around in the spring. Whether it's a newborn fawn, a litter of fox pups, a hooting owl or flocks of migrating songbirds, there's a lot more to see out there than just the game we're after.

X: X-Ring. That little spot on the target we want to hit, but so rarely do!

Y: Yearling Bucks. It's a crucial time for these little guys, who are about to get kicked out of the house by mama and sent off to find their way in the world.

Z: Zzzzz. On a slow morning in the turkey woods, nothing beats a good nap in the ground blind!
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