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Spreadsheet Connector.

Spreadsheet Connector

The Spreadsheet Connector is the first full LAN version of TM/1. Its unique "client-server" architecture allows multiple users to work on the same spreadsheet data at the same time. The interface is identical to the single-user version but from LAN administration point of view, it automatically records all user activity. The Spreadsheet Connector logs all changes made to the data, identifying every user, date and time of entry, thereby providing a complete audit trail. Different levels of control to data elements can be assigned users, from the file level all the way down to the cell level. In addition, it allows all changes to be "backed out" and tables can be reconstructed in the event of a power loss. Significant features include client/server architecture; implementation based on the NETBIOS standard; simultaneous access to as many as eight table servers; number of clients limited only by NETBIOS implementation; multiple users can access tables on any TM/1 table server, as well as from their own disk; tables are pre-loaded on the table server so there is no loading delay at workstations and memory usage is minimized; changes to the data are immediate and visible to other users as soon as they recalculate; automatic "log-on" and user identification; read and/or write access can be controlled not only at the table (file) level, but all the way down to individual data elements; complete and automatic audit trail.
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Publication:The National Public Accountant
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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