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The Modeling & Simulation (M&S) Conference in Orlando, FL, was a great success and provided many examples of increased capabilities of M&S technology to provide the essential tools for evaluating systems and network performance on the digital battlefield. New systems being developed for combat ID, real-time targeting, situation awareness, sensor fusion, digital communication links, etc., will be evaluated using M&S as well as in the field as part of Advanced Warfighting Experiments. Likewise, networks such as tactical internets will be evaluated using M&S and field tests and exercises. Analysts will use M&S for insight into system interactions, capacity limitations, etc., and then to correlate and validate results. M&S will be essential in mission planning and rehearsals. In addition, M&S provides the means of quantifying new measures of effectiveness/performance of information warfare (IW) systems. The Office of the Secretary of Defense stands firmly behind greater use of M&S and has directed the Defense Modeling and Simulation Office to include IW in its master plan! Thanks to Paul Brodnicki of Calspan and Bill Swart, technical director, [JC.sup.2]WC, for bringing the leading experts together in our Orlando conference.

I also want to thank everyone who is helping us with the new Strategic Plan. Your EXCOM and board are working diligently to structure the plan that will move the AOC organization into the next millennium. After receiving verbal and written drafts from members and chapters, we are circulating another draft to chapters for review and will present it to the board at the June meeting.

Speaking of communications, I am encouraging chapters and regional directors to establish Web pages. It's a great way of communicating AOC news, events, awareness and plans. If you're thinking about a page, I recommend you visit existing AOC home pages for ideas. Most can be accessed via the AOC's home page at Most of these pages have been developed by members and serve a great purpose. I suggest contacting the "Webmaster" of the pages for advice.

Finally, I want to promote the excellent professional development courses being offered by the AOC. These courses are developed for electronic defense professionals who want to receive text-book style training on technologies and applications. Dave Adamy, our "white-socks engineer" and national director, has developed a repertoire of outstanding courses. Sign up now for upcoming courses on Radar Fundamentals, EW and Reconnaissance Receiver Systems Design, Ship Survivability and EW, and separate courses on Fundamentals of EW and IW. Also, we will be presenting technical short courses at the National Convention in Virginia Beach in October.

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Title Annotation:Modeling & Simulation Conference
Author:Mathiasmeier, Ken
Publication:Journal of Electronic Defense
Article Type:President's Page
Date:Apr 1, 1998
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