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All around the world, people want peace. It's a wish that unites us all. There is a word for peace in every language. Some of these words are hidden in the grid below. Find them by looking up, down, across, backwards, and diagonally. (Then try speaking each one aloud!)


SALAAM (Arabic)

FRED (Danish)

PAIX (French)

FRIEDEN (German)

IRINI (Greek)

SHALOM (Hebrew)

BEKE (Hungarian)

PACE (Italian)

HEIWA (Japanese)

HE PING (Mandarin)

POKOJ (Polish)

SHANTI (Punjabi)

MIR (Russian)

PAZ (Spanish)

HOA BINH (Vietnamese)


Remember the winter scene you studied on pages 12/13? Without flipping back to it, try to answer these questions:

1. How many fish are in the bucket?

2. What colour is the snowman's scarf?

3. What type of food is sitting in the snow behind the rabbit?

4. Where is the dog?

5. Is the man with the camera wearing a hat?

6. What colour is the snowmobile?

7. Are there marshmallows in both cups of hot chocolate?

8. How many birds are perched on the trees?


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