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Spray Keeps Fog Off Glasses.

HOLBROOK, Mass. -- Sven Can See offers eyeglass wearers an antifogging spray that discourages moisture from sticking to the lens and obscuring the wearer's vision.

The safety product was initially developed as an aid to skiers and winter hikers, and it is now finding its way into the workplace.

"Sven Can See is for the everyday user, from the subway rider to the person mowing their lawn, going for a morning run, or someone just out for a day hike with their family," a company spokesperson commented. "It's ideal for hairdressers, chefs and general contractors, and can be a lifesaver for EMTs, police officers and first responders."

Founder Scott Newman explained that the company and its products get their name from a bedtime story he told his daughter involving Sven the mountain climber and Chuck the mountain goat

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Date:Oct 2, 2017
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