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Spouses can explore special spots.

AS A FREQUENT connubial conferee, I have a few logistical tips on Philadelphia. It's a great, diverse city, with a million things to do, so the sooner you get out of the hotel room the less you'll miss.

My first question as a spouse is, what do I wear? Let's start with the basics. Philadelphia is high-heel hell! Think flats.

Also, figure September is more likely to be warm -- hot, really -- than cool, so forget wool.

On three evenings we'll be having banquets or buffet receptions; cocktail-type clothes will be in order. One night, you'll be on your own for dinner. So maybe pack your casual clothes and head for South Street, the hip neighborhood of great restaurants and stores selling things that no fuddy-duddy would ever buy.

The spouse tour of the Brandywine Valley will be fairly informal, and good walking shoes will again be a must.

Now that you're packed, a little about the hotel: It's informal, just NCEW-sized. Our group will command a good majority of the rooms, and I expect the lobby will be a terrific gathering spot for drinks and conversation. Don Harrison assures me we'll have a piano in a private area, so we can sing and dance all night.

There's also a health club and pool (free), and valet or self-parking is available in the garage below the four-story hotel. Important tip: Drop your bags at the lobby entrance before driving into the garage. Valet parking is $17 a day; self-park, $11.

You'll find the ubiquitous mini-bars in each room; also, cute little four-cup basket coffee makers. The first day's supply of coffee is free; for more, they'll bill your room, so you may want to pack some tea or coffee.

The restaurant is pleasant but small, so some of us may want to order room service for breakfast. A coffee, juice, and muffin/Danish bar will be set up in the lobby from 6:30-10 a.m.

While walking around Philadelphia, you need to observe the same rules of caution as in any urban area. But since our hotel is in the middle of a major tourist and upscale residential area, walking will be a pleasure -- even at night. In Center City, special community-service representatives are available to assist you.

In short, Philadelphia promises to be a wonderful adventure for spouses. See you in September!

Peggy R. Marshall is the wife of NCEW president Ed Jones.
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Title Annotation:Convention '93; National Conference of Editorial Writers convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Author:Marshall, Peggy R.
Publication:The Masthead
Date:Sep 22, 1993
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