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Spotlight on poverty and opportunity campaign launched.

The Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity: Foundations Ask Presidential Candidates What They'll Do for America initiative was launched last month at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Representatives of NLC were in attendance at the media and policy briefing and participated as an exhibitor, disseminating NLC's poverty-related publications and resources

The new initiative is supported by a number of American foundations to focus public attention on the pressing issues of poverty and opportunity. At this pivotal time in the nation's history, the Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity initiative is seeking to engage presidential, congressional and local candidates in substantive discussions about poverty in the country and elicit their ideas and perspectives about what must be done.

In order to stimulate a national dialogue on poverty and opportunity, the Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity website offers current press coverage, commentary and debate, and policy options. Recent reports, analyses, and data on poverty and opportunity will be profiled on the site and readily available to policymakers and leaders.

Spotlight on Poverty and opportunity is directed by representatives of The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Civic Enterprises, The Eos Foundation, Center for Law and Social Policy, Freedman Consulting and The Hatcher Group.

Details: A forthcoming Institute for Youth, Education, and Families report that includes NLC's work with the Center for Law and Social Policy on local poverty reduction strategies will be available on the NLC website at

For more information on the Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity, visit
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Author:Furdell, Phyllis; Bummara, Caterina
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Date:Nov 12, 2007
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