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Spotlight : Bruce Lisker.

Twenty-six years, five months, and three days after his mother was killed and he was arrested on suspicion of her murder, Bruce Lisker walked out of Mule Creek State Prison on Thursday, not quite a free man, but one no longer confined to a cell. For Lisker, memories of life outside prison stop at age 17, when he was arrested on suspicion of killing his mother in the familyAAEs Los Angeles area home. At the time, he was a skinny, frizzy-haired teenager with a drug habit and a bad attitude. Ronald Reagan was president, and gallon of gas cost about $1.25. Today, Lisker is a middle-aged man with a shaved head who says he intends to make the most of his time out of custody. Though most of his relatives have died, Lisker has maintained a network of friends and supporters over the years through phone calls and letters. Though he is no longer in prison, Lisker is not a free man. He must be in federal court Monday to go over the terms of his release with US District Judge Virginia Phillips, who overturned his conviction. Lisker has said he would welcome an opportunity to clear his name once and for all. On March 10, 1983, there was good reason to suspect that he might have committed the crime. He had a history of drug abuse and fighting with his mother. His parents had paid for him to live in a studio apartment several miles from the familyAAEs home. And he was the first to report to authorities that his mother had been beaten and stabbed. He told police that he went to his parentsAAE home to borrow a jack so he could fix his car. While there, he said, he looked through windows at the back of the house and saw his mother lying on the floor. Because the doors were locked, Lisker said, he broke in to tend to her. She was still alive but had been badly beaten and stabbed in the back. He called for paramedics. The detective in the case didnAAEt believe him and arrested him that day. The prosecutionAAEs case at the time hinged largely on four elements: Blood spatter on LiskerAAEs clothes implicated him; police believed it impossible for him to have seen his mother lying on the floor from outside the house; he confessed to a jailhouse informant; and police said bloody shoe prints placed only him at the scene. Phone records from the Lisker home show that a call was made minutes before the murderAuthe number matched that of RyanAAEs mother, except for the last digit and the area code, which wasnAAEt dialed. AoThere is a strong suggestion that someone else was responsible for the crime,Ao the judges concluded

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Publication:The Star (Amman, Jordan)
Date:Aug 17, 2009
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