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Spotfire Unveils Next Generation Data Experience with Launch of Spotfire DXP(TM); New analytics software and Microsoft(R) .Net architecture sets new standard for interacting with information.

SOMERVILLE, Mass. -- Spotfire, a leading provider of analytics software, today announced the immediate availability of Spotfire DXP (Spotfire Data Experience), a newly architected analytics offering that sets a new standard for interacting with information. Spotfire, long recognized as providing analytic applications that exemplify best in class human/computer interaction, has broken through the glass ceiling that has limited the business impact of analytics to a small group of experts, with an enterprise analytics solution that enables all key business professionals to author and share analytic results.

"Reporting and dashboarding software often falls short in providing true decision support functionality for business professionals," said Dan Vesset, research director for IDC. "Decision makers at all levels of an organization require easy-to-use, interactive tools for investigating data. Software like Spotfire DXP is what will extend the reach of business analytics adoption to users previously underserved by the business intelligence market."

Accelerating decision making for line-of-business professionals

Spotfire DXP makes analysis business-friendly, embodying the way that business professionals want to experience and share their data. With Spotfire DXP, all users are more confident in working with data--rapidly converting new insights into competitive advantages for their business.

"Spotfire DXP allows me to ask and answer questions on demand, pulling information from multiple data sources and integrating new information as it becomes available," said Eddy van Hamersveld, national sales manager at Yakult Nederland B.V., "Spotfire DXP now creates immediacy between my question and the visual response. With Spotfire DXP, specific marketing and sales analyses have become much easier; market share and trend analyses are now available to all of us. Using Spotfire gives us the ability to do things like promotional analysis in a far superior way than was possible before."

"As a Sales Force Effectiveness Manager, new information flies at me daily representing potential new threats and opportunities," said Wilbert Beumer at Boehringer Ingelheim. "Spotfire DXP gives me an immediate response mechanism to new data as it emerges. I'll never go back to spending hours interpreting data in spreadsheets or pouring through mountains of reports. With Spotfire DXP, I can ask my own questions and get the answers that I need."

Spotfire DXP Products and Architecture

Announced today is Spotfire DXP, a stunningly visual, interactive analytic application that speeds data interaction for all business professionals. Spotfire DXP scales across the organization allowing a broad base of professionals to author their own guided analytic applications in context of the business process they serve. The Spotfire DXP architecture has been built entirely on Microsoft .Net and runs on both 32 and 64-bit desktops to deliver a highly interactive and high performing data experience for corporate (on-line) and traveling (off-line) business professionals

Also announced today is Spotfire DXP Metrics, an expression building capability and collection of embedded statistical routines that can be deployed with Spotfire DXP applications. Expressions and statistics dynamically update as users interact with the data.

New Spotfire DXP Guided Analytics

With Spotfire's Guided Analytics, expertise can be communicated and best practices shared with many users throughout the organization. Any business professional can publish Guided Analytic Applications to walk colleagues through their view of the information, sharing the steps to insight as well as the insight itself in the language of their functional discipline.

Also available from Spotfire are Guided Analytics Solutions built on Spotfire DXP configured for selected business processes and industries. These increase customers' analysis productivity by providing leading analytic workflows, analysis tools, techniques and pre-defined data integration models.

--Sales Analytics Solution--Configured Spotfire DXP solution for targeting, optimizing sales force deployment and improving sales force effectiveness with links to major SFA and CRM systems.

--Marketing Analytics Solution-- Configured Spotfire DXP solution for improving campaign effectiveness and accelerating campaign execution with links to major campaign management systems.

--Portfolio Analytics Solution-- Configured Spotfire DXP solution for portfolio management and attribution analysis.

Key Spotfire DXP Advantages

--Superfast--Spotfire DXP can instantly generate multidimensional views of the data. There is an immediate connection between asking the question and seeing the answer. The new drag and drop interface allows users to run and modify analyses and access and add new data on the fly - all without programming.

--Powerfully visual --Spotfire DXP renders data in a highly compelling visual display. Outliers, patterns and trends are fully exposed and ready for further investigation.

--Immediate answers--Spotfire DXP is fully interactive. Business professionals can create their own path through dimensional and relational data, asking new questions on the fly. Powerful dynamic expressions calculate and re-calculate metrics in real-time for instantaneous answers to new questions.

--No waiting --Business users no longer need to outsource questions to someone else and wait for a new report to be run. The days of limiting your analysis to only the data in the data cube are history. Users can drive through their own analytic path, without being limited by pre-set data dimensions and hierarchies.

--Gives back time-- By putting its interactive power directly into the hands of the business professional, Spotfire DXP eliminates time wasted re-formatting reports, re-programming data cubes and dumping data from reports into spreadsheets for manipulation and interpretation.

--Enterprise-ready - Spotfire customers are among the largest organizations in their respective industries, including financial services, manufacturing, life sciences, energy, consumer goods and government and military agencies. Spotfire DXP provides administrators with the ability to access data sources across the enterprise and to centrally configure analytic solutions to scale across a wide variety of user and group profiles.

About Spotfire

For thousands of business professionals faced with day-to-day decisions, Spotfire analytics offers the platinum user experience for visually interacting with information. Distinguished by its intuitive ease and analytic power, Spotfire software rapidly reveals unseen threats and illuminates new opportunities, creating significant economic value. Spotfire's customers include industry leaders among the Global 2000 that have deployed Spotfire analytics to gain an information advantage over their competitors. For more information, visit

Spotfire and Spotfire DXP are trademarks or registered trademarks of Spotfire, Inc., except in the European Community where Spotfire and the product names listed are trademarks of Spotfire AB. Other company or product names may be the trademarks of their respective owners.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 17, 2006
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