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Seasonal Changes in Strength and Power in Elite Rugby League: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Redman, Kellyanne J.; Kelly, Vincent G.; Beckman, Emma M. Report Oct 27, 2021 7901
How Much the Swimming Performance Leading to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Was Impaired Due to the Covid-19 Lockdown? Costa, Mario J.; Garrido, Nuno D.; Marinho, Daniel A.; Santos, Catarina C. Report Oct 27, 2021 4490
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis: Biomechanical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Strength and Conditioning Training Programs on Front Crawl Swimming Performance. Kwok, Wan Yu; So, Billy Chun Lung; Tse, Daniel Hon Ting; Ng, Shamay Sheung Mei Report Oct 27, 2021 13318
The Mediating Effect of Change of Direction Speed in the Relationship between the Type of Sport and Reactive Agility in Elite Female Team-Sport Athletes. Domaradzki, Jaroslaw; Popowczak, Marek; Zwierko, Teresa Report Oct 27, 2021 5652
Sports training gains popularity after student burden cut. Sep 30, 2021 1141
Sustaining the momentum after the Tokyo success. Editorial Aug 13, 2021 579
Effects of Two vs. Four Weekly Campus Board Training Sessions on Bouldering Performance and Climbing-Specific Tests in Advanced and Elite Climbers. Stien, Nicolay; Pedersen, Helene; Vereide, Vegard A.; Saeterbakken, Atle H.; Hermans, Espen; Kalland Report Aug 6, 2021 7824
A Longitudinal Study of Bone Mineral Accrual during Growth in Competitive Premenarcheal Rhythmic Gymnasts. Remmel, Liina; Tillmann, Vallo; Tamm, Anna-Liisa; Mengel, Eva; Jurimae, Jaak Report Jul 23, 2021 7108
Training Load, Heart Rate Variability, Direct Current Potential and Elite Long Jump Performance Prior and during the 2016 Olympic Games. Coutts, Joseph Coyne Aaron; Newton, Robert; Haff, G. Gregory Report Jul 23, 2021 7124
Influence of Systematic Football Training on Adolescent Functional Characteristics. Zavalishina, Svetlana Yu.; Makurina, Olga N.; Mal, Galina S.; Tkacheva, Elena S. Report Jun 1, 2021 4721
Evaluating Methods for Imputing Missing Data from Longitudinal Monitoring of Athlete Workload. Benson, Lauren C.; Stilling, Carlyn; Owoeye, Oluwatoyosi B.A.; Emery, Carolyn A. Report Jun 1, 2021 7526
Physiological Responses and Predictors of Performance in a Simulated Competitive Ski Mountaineering Race. Lasshofer, Michael; Seifert, John; Worndle, Anna-Maria; Stoggl, Thomas Report Jun 1, 2021 7156
Effects of an Injury Prevention Program on Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Risk Factors in Adolescent Females at Different Stages of Maturation. Otsuki, Reiko; Benoit, Daniel; Hirose, Norikazu; Fukubayashi, Toru Report Jun 1, 2021 6509
Bataan lauded after land donation for Philippine Sports Training Center. May 24, 2021 428
'Long overdue' Philippine sports training hub to be built in Bataan. May 17, 2021 235
PSC to sign MOA with Bataan officials for construction of PH Sports Training Center. May 17, 2021 407
PBA: Team training can start next week. May 14, 2021 603
Olympic-bound Diaz, Obiena put premium on mental toughness. May 1, 2021 512
FT minister: Ministry to build centralised sports training facilities in Putrajaya. Apr 10, 2021 215
College to build PS5.1m sports training centre. CHRIS PYKE Reporter Apr 2, 2021 642
Minimal Agreement between Internal and External Training Load Metrics across a 2-wk Training Microcycle in Elite Squash. James, Carl; Dhawan, Aishwar; Jones, Timothy; Pok, Christopher; Yeo, Vincent; Girard, Olivier Report Mar 1, 2021 6299
Some creative industry sectors, professional sports training allowed, but with tighter SOP, says Ismail Sabri. Feb 9, 2021 287
Filipino fencers start bubble training in Ormoc City. Feb 8, 2021 536
VN seeks to integrate science, medicine in sports training. Jan 29, 2021 489
PSC gives fencers green light for Ormoc training camp. Jan 13, 2021 524
CrossFit[R] Training Strategies from the Perspective of Concurrent Training: A Systematic Review. Schlegel, Petr Report Dec 1, 2020 9161
Effects of Tissue Flossing and Dynamic Stretching on Hamstring Muscles Function. Kaneda, Hiroaki; Takahira, Naonobu; Tsuda, Kouji; Tozaki, Kiyoshi; Kudo, Sho; Takahashi, Yoshiki; Sa Report Dec 1, 2020 9064
CHED releases guidelines for the resumption of collegiate sports training. Oct 26, 2020 482
Key players to miss PBA 'bubble'. Sep 30, 2020 512
DMH discontinues athletic training services to schools. John Broux Pana News Group editor Sep 23, 2020 252
No welcome sign for Aldin Ayo in the NCAA - sources. Sep 12, 2020 543
PBA: Should family visits be allowed in proposed 'bubble'? Coaches weigh in. Sep 6, 2020 597
PSC chairman weighs in on alleged UST training bubble in Sorsogon. Aug 24, 2020 729
SOPs issued for sports training activities in province. Aug 18, 2020 205
Winning streak for Ghanaian football academy. McBain, Will Aug 1, 2020 1213
Pro sports training is back. Jul 3, 2020 415
A New Kinect-Based Posture Recognition Method in Physical Sports Training Based on Urban Data. He, Dianchen; Li, Li May 31, 2020 4757
Diagnosis in Tennis Serving Technique. Roanes-Lozano, Eugenio; Casella, Eduardo A.; Sanchez, Fernando; Hernando, Antonio Report May 1, 2020 7016
Sports training center tops in PSC's priorities. Jan 8, 2020 395
Laying the Foundation: Work-based Learning in Athletic training & Exercise Science. Bomar, Renae; Smarelli, Travis Jan 1, 2020 2235
VRTX SPORTS, INC set to disrupt the fitness and sports training industry with the launch of VRTX MESH. Nov 26, 2019 524
Oman Olympic Academy winds up basic sports training course. Times News Service Nov 16, 2019 171
Basics of sports training course starts at OOA. Nov 12, 2019 318
Extreme athletic training makes brain tired: Study. ANI Sep 29, 2019 513
Excessive athletic training weakens brain, finds study. ANI Sep 27, 2019 519
Standard Chartered Bank expands 'goal' in Islamabad. Sep 22, 2019 588
Two winter sports training schools inaugurated in Chitral. Apr 24, 2019 239
Acute and Emergency Care in Athletic Training (online access included). Book review Apr 1, 2019 214
National Sports Training Center spearheads Taiwan's efforts to capture Olympic glory. Mar 24, 2019 531
Athletic training camp. Mar 2, 2019 125
Seasonal Changes in Performance Related Characteristics and Biochemical Marker Variability of Adolescent Table Tennis Players. Pullinger, Samuel Andrew; Varamenti, Evdokia; Nikolovski, Zoran; Elgingo, Mohamed; Cardinale, Marco Report Mar 1, 2019 7765
Analysis of Influence of Basketball Game-Related Statistics on Final Result Based on Differences at the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup. Simovic, Slobodan; Komic, Jasmin; Matkovic, Bojan; Pajic, Zoran; Guzina, Bojan Report Mar 1, 2019 7095
Baguio eyed as Philippine Sports Training Center arena. Feb 21, 2019 618
P3.5-billion sports training center rising in Pangasinan. Feb 21, 2019 220
Law creates P3.5 billion Philippine sports training hub. Feb 20, 2019 417
PRRD signs law creating Philippine Sports Training Center. Feb 20, 2019 296
'Happy development' for PH sports as Duterte signs Philippine Sports Training Center Act. Feb 20, 2019 497
Philippine Sports Training Center bill signed into law. Feb 19, 2019 177
Philippine Sports Training Center rising soon. Dec 5, 2018 364
The Post-Exercise Inflammatory Response to Repeated-Sprint Running in Hypoxia. Morrison, Jaime; Larsen, Brianna; Cox, Amanda J.; Minahan, Clare Report Dec 1, 2018 5489
Training Quantification and Periodization during Live High Train High at 2100 M in Elite Runners: An Observational Cohort Case Study. Sharma, Avish P.; Saunders, Philo U.; Garvican-Lewis, Laura A.; Periard, Julien D.; Clark, Brad; Gor Report Dec 1, 2018 7994
Angara: optimistic over bicam OK of PH sports training center. Nov 29, 2018 503
Bicam approves bill seeking to establish the Philippine Sports Training Center. Nov 28, 2018 259
The new owners of a sports training facility in Lake Zurich spent the past five. Nov 12, 2018 701
SPORTS TRAINING COMPONENTS IN THE INTERNATIONAL NAUTICAL REPRESENTATIVE TEAMS CHAMPIONSHIP, TUZLA, TURKEY. Alexandru, Abramiuc; Silvia, Teodorescu; Carmen, Ene-Voiculescu; Virgil, Enevoiculescu Report Sep 15, 2018 1148
MODELING THE TRAINING IN THE VOLLEY GAME, BY SOFTWEAR PROGRAMS. Adin-Marian, Cojocaru; Marilena, Cojocaru Report Sep 15, 2018 1977
IMPROVING ARTISTIC JUMP AT BEAM. Antoanela, Oltean; Tatiana, Dobrescu; Raducu, Popescu Report Sep 15, 2018 2165
CONCURRENT TRAINING IN THE CONDITIONAL PLANNING OF ELITE RUGBY PLAYER. A., Camillini; G., D'amen; Ricardo, Izzo Report Sep 15, 2018 3501
The Effect of Short-Term Sport-Specific Strength and Conditioning Training on Physical Fitness of Well-Trained Mixed Martial Arts Athletes. Kostikiadis, Ioannis N.; Methenitis, Spyridon; Tsoukos, Athanasios; Veligekas, Panagiotis; Terzis, G Report Sep 1, 2018 10309
Is Plantar Loading Altered During Repeated Sprints on Artificial Turf in International Football Players? Girard, Olivier; Millet, Gregoire P.; Thomson, Athol; Brocherie, Franck Report Sep 1, 2018 4968
The Use of Generic and Individual Speed Thresholds for Assessing the Competitive Demands of Field Hockey. Casamichana, David; Morencos, Esther; Romero-Moraleda, Blanca; Gabbett, Tim J. Report Sep 1, 2018 7331
Modelling the HRV Response to Training Loads in Elite Rugby Sevens Players. Williams, Sean; West, Stephen; Howells, Dan; Kemp, Simon P.T.; Flatt, Andrew A.; Stokes, Keith Report Sep 1, 2018 5760
Comparison of Proprioceptive Training and Muscular Strength Training to Improve Balance Ability of Taekwondo Poomsae Athletes: A Randomized Controlled Trials. Yoo, Sihyun; Park, Sang-Kyoon; Yoon, Sukhoon; Lim, Hee Sung; Ryu, Jiseon Report Sep 1, 2018 8187
Somatotype Hormone Levels and Physical Fitness in Elite Young Soccer Players over a Two-Year Monitoring Period. Hammami, Mohammed A.; Abderrahman, Abderraouf Ben; Rhibi, Fatma; Nebigh, Ammar; Coppalle, Sullivan; Report Sep 1, 2018 7998
Huami Acquires Core Assets of Zepp International, Physical Enterprises to Expand in Sports Training Analytics. Jul 30, 2018 287
Huami Acquires Core Assets of Zepp International, Physical Enterprises to Expand in Sports Training Analytics. Jul 30, 2018 284
Taipei City offers free extreme sports coaching at Extreme Sports Training Center. Jun 3, 2018 266
High Intensity Interval Training Does Not Improve Cardiorespiratory Parameters in Trained Young Soccer Players. Poulos, Stelios; Zacharogiannis, Elias; Paradisis, Giorgos; Kolyfa, Myrsini; Danias, Vasilis; Tsopan Report Jun 1, 2018 4151
Leadership and Management in Athletic Training: An Integrated Approach, 2nd Edition (online access included). Book review Jun 1, 2018 111
The Effect of Two Different Concurrent Training Programs on Strength and Power Gains in Highly-Trained Individuals. Petre, Henrik; Lofving, Pontus; Psilander, Niklas Report Jun 1, 2018 5872
The Effect of Half-time Re-Warm up Duration on Intermittent Sprint Performance. Yanaoka, Takuma; Kashiwabara, Kyoko; Yuta Masuda; Yamagami, Jumpei; Kurata, Kuran; Takagi, Shun; Miy Report Jun 1, 2018 7763
Low External Workloads Are Related to Higher Injury Risk in Professional Male Basketball Games. Caparros, Toni; Casals, Marti; Solana, Alvaro; Pena, Javier Report Jun 1, 2018 8119
THE ANALYSIS OF SCORES OF ATHLETICS COMPETITION HELD AT THE DIFFERENT TIMES OF THE DAY. Cipare, Abdurrahmanova; Kanat, Canuzakov; Bilal, DemIrhan; Yaman, NIgar; Emillia, Bolzhirova; Beksul Report Jun 1, 2018 3277
Management Strategies in Athletic Training, 5th Edition. Book review May 1, 2018 122
Effect of Different Post-Activation Potentiation Intensities on Vertical Jump Performance in University Volleyball Players. de Oliveira, Jose Jonas; e Silva, Alexandre de Souza; Baganha, Ronaldo Julio; Barbosa, Carolina Gabr Report Apr 1, 2018 3325
Psychometric and Neuromuscular Responses of Elite Karate Athletes during Training Camp for the Pan-American Championship 2016. Spigolon, Diego; Hartz, Charlini S.; Junqueira, Camila M.; Pereira, Lucas A.; Moreno, Marlene Aparec Apr 1, 2018 4504
Flexibility Adaptations in Golf Players during a Whole Season. Dantas, Estelio H.M.; Scudese, Estevao; Vale, Rodrigo G.S.; Senna, Gilmar W.; Albuquerque, Ana Paula Report Apr 1, 2018 3153
Athletic Training Student Primer: A Foundation for Success, 3rd Edition (online access included). Book review Mar 1, 2018 170
Building a robust athlete in the South African high school sports system. Lombard, W. Mar 1, 2018 1736
British Council partners with Ministry of Education for sports training program. Feb 10, 2018 400
Cardiovascular, Neuromuscular, and Metabolic Responses to the Practice of Resisted Sled Towing. Santos, Clarcson Placido Conceicao dos; Gambassi, Bruno Bavaresco; Santiago, Marcia Neves G.; Filho, Report Feb 1, 2018 2612
The Reporting of a Multifaceted Mixed Martial Arts Strength and Conditioning Program. Peacock, Corey A.; Sanders, Gabriel J.; Antonio, Jose; Silver, Tobin A. Report Feb 1, 2018 1390
The Correlation of Anthropometric Variables and Jump Power Performance in Elite Karate Athletes. Spigolon, Diego; Hartz, Charlini S.; Junqueira, Camila M.; Longo, Ariel R.; Tavares, Vitor; Faycal, Report Feb 1, 2018 3217
STARTING 'EM Young. Ralston, Rebecca Feb 1, 2018 963
Documentation for Athletic Training, 3rd Edition. Brief article Jan 1, 2018 123
TRAINING INTENSITY OF GROUP IN RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS. Amanda, Batista; Natacha, Gomes Thayse; Rui, Garganta; Lurdes, Avila-Carvalho Report Jan 1, 2018 4928
Data Fusion in Ubiquitous Sports Training: Methodology and Application. Brzostowski, Krzysztof; Szwach, Piotr Jan 1, 2018 8616
Comparison of effects of active recovery and deep water running on soccer players' indices of muscular damage. Sajadian, Mohammad; Kordi, Mohammadreza; Gaeini, Abassali; Rahnama, Nader Report Dec 1, 2017 3861
Computational Intelligence Algorithms for the Development of an Artificial Sport Trainer. Fister, Iztok, Jr. Report Dec 1, 2017 918
DFW Airport gets sports training complex. Nov 1, 2017 247
DFW Airport gets sports training complex. Nov 1, 2017 256
Physiological Demands of Wheelchair Basketball. Santos, Poliana Piovezana dos; de Souza, Gislaine Cristina; Alves, Danilo Leonel; Rodacki, Andre Lui Report Oct 1, 2017 2772
Is There a Concordance between the Lactate Threshold and the Heart Rate Deflection Point during a Progressive Field Test in Moderately Trained Distance Runners? Guimaraes, Miller P.; Campos, Yuri A.C.; de Souza, Hiago L.R.; da Silva, Sandro F. Report Oct 1, 2017 3272
Different Passive Recovery Times between Repeated Maximal Sprints Influence in Performance and Lactate Removal. Germano, Moises Diego; Sindorf, Marcio Antonio Gonsalves; Crisp, Alex Harley; Braz, Tiago Volpi; Bri Report Oct 1, 2017 4132
Effects of the Application of an Inspiratory Muscular Warm-Up Protocol in the Physical Performance of Handball Athletes. Hartz, Charlini S.; Ferreira, Caroline R.; Moreno, Marlene A. Report Oct 1, 2017 2902
DEVELOPING SUPPLENESS TO PREVENT SCAPULOHUMERAL DISLOCATIONS IN PERFORMANCE ATHLETES. Merhej, Al Dhuhaibawi Ahmed Hadi; Sabina, Macovei; Alexandru-Florin, Ciocioi Report Jun 15, 2017 3269
OPTIMIZATION OF SPECIFIC TRAINING IN VOLLEYBALL FOR JUNIORS. Marian, Cojocaru Adin; Marilena, Cojocaru Report Jun 15, 2017 5229
THE IMPORTANCE OF PHYSICAL TRAINING IN TEAM SPORTS. Claudia, Mojoiu Mihaela Report Jun 15, 2017 2523
ANALYSIS OF EFFORT DYNAMICS IN THE 1500 M JOURNAL OF JUNIORS II. Popa, Cristian Report Jun 15, 2017 5685
Effects of Bulgarian bag exercises on power and shot speed for handball players. Fathy, Amany Report Jun 1, 2017 3748
Effect of KAATSU training on serum protein electrophoresis and performance level of 100m hurdles for female college students. Saad, Mohamed; Saad-Eldeen, Basant; Alin, Larion Report Jun 1, 2017 4442
Realizing a dream: the Special Olympics Alaska sports, health and wellness center . Roswal, J. Glenn M. Report Mar 1, 2017 2272
The effects of non-contingent feedback on the incidence of plateau at [??][O.sub.2max]. Gordon, Dan; Gernigon, Marie; Baker, James; Merzbach, Viviane; Scruton, Adrian Report Mar 1, 2017 6356
Effects of neuromuscular training on the rear-foot angle kinematics in elite women field hockey players with chronic ankle instability. Kim, Eunkuk; Choi, Hokyung; Cha, Jung-Hoon; Park, Jong-Chul; Kim, Taegyu Report Mar 1, 2017 8232
BabyCare selected as the official sponsor of China's General Administration of Sports Training Bureau. Feb 21, 2017 209
Effect of training on agility, flexibility, its correlation, and also its correlation with skin fold thickness and body mass index among runners. Shivalingaiah, Jyothi; Vernekar, Sunil S.; Naik, Adarsh S.; Gowdar, Shivaprasad S. Report Dec 1, 2016 2744
Administrative Topics in Athletic Training: Concepts to Practice, 2nd Edition. Book review Sep 1, 2016 157
Effect of 29 weeks of periodized soccer training on the neuromuscular performance of soccer players under 20 years of age. Correa, Daniel Alves; Soares, Danilo Saad; Gonelli, Pamela R.G.; de C. Cesar, Marcelo; Germano, Mois Report Aug 1, 2016 3335
The use of the rating of perceived exertion to monitor and control the training load in Futsal. Matzenbacher, Fernando; Pasquarelli, Bruno Natale; Rabelo, Felipe Nunes; Durigan, Antonio Carlos Dou Report Aug 1, 2016 4516
Study on the streamline of the U15 womens basketball free throws. Ionescu, Dragos Bondoc; Oancea, Bogdan Marian Report Jun 15, 2016 4125
Study regarding the development of general and specific motor skills in Alpine skiing category U10. Catanescu, Andreea; Curitianu, Ioana Report Jun 15, 2016 2265
The management optimization of the technical preparation of intermediate players, in the handball game, Echelon Juniors I (girl's). Cicma, Ioan Teodor; Mereuta, Claudiu Report Jun 15, 2016 3025
Swimming neuromuscular control. Cioroiu, Silviu Gabriel; Nechita, Florentina Report Jun 15, 2016 2730
Comparative study between athletes in rhythmic gymnastics and dance anatomic and physiologic and development specific force. Iorga, Anca; Butu, Ioana Maria; Teodorescu, Anemari Simona; Gheorghe, Georgeta Ioana; Catuna, George Report Jun 15, 2016 3352
The role of preventive practice in reducing the number of injuries of handball players. Isakovic, Marko; Damian, Roxana Report Jun 15, 2016 2378
The cooperation of youth and top clubs of shooting in the Czech Republic as a basis for improving the current state of the member base. Kundera, Vaclav; Herberger, Daniel Report Jun 15, 2016 4952
A study on athletes' heart rate changing while performing a 21 days training course at an altitude of 2000m. Man, Maria Cristina; Ganera, Catalin Report Jun 15, 2016 5682
Effort analysis in real time during a football game--junior II using GPSports device. Marinescu, Gheorghe; Ticala, Laurentiu Daniel; Dulceata, Victor; Bidiugan, Simona Nicoleta Report Jun 15, 2016 3175
Practical motor examples used by coaches to optimize the learning process for young hurdles runners--a review. Onea, Gheorghe Adrian; Balint, Lorand Report Jun 15, 2016 2395
Student health at times of physical education and sports. Popa, Cristian; Popa, Corina Report Jun 15, 2016 2619
The evaluation parameters training specific to practice of performance handball by of the "scala" it application. Popescu, Daniela Corina; Mihaila, Ion Report Jun 15, 2016 4051
The interest of youth in sport activities. Popescu, Florentina; Porfireanu, Maria-Cristiana; Ristea, Cristian Report Jun 15, 2016 2814
Performance patterns for outdoor events in Junior III for girls pentathlon-hexathlon and boys heptathlon-octathlon. Rata, Bogdan Constantin; Rata, Marinela; Craciun, Sergiu Report Jun 15, 2016 8288
Effect of functional power training on biochemical & certain physical variables for young handball players. Kamal, Mohamed Emeesh Report Jun 1, 2016 3062
Study on changing arterial oxygen saturation level of athletes while performing a 21 days training course at an altitude of 2000 meters. Man, Maria Cristina; Ganera, Catalin Report Jun 1, 2016 5743
Improving basketball juniors players training. Maria-Cristiana, Porfireanu Report Jan 1, 2016 2333
Contributions regarding increasing efficiency of attack by applying regimes contractions alternated in volleyball. Marian, Cojocaru Adin; Marilena, Cojocaru Report Jan 1, 2016 2209
True or false. Sep 1, 2015 483
Special respiratory training for preparing cold-water swimmers. Tyutyukov, Vyacheslav Grigorievich; Safonova, Galina Vladimirovna; Shakirova, Olga Viktorovna Report Jul 1, 2015 4741
Study on optimization of samples motivational level athletes throwing. Alina, Cucui Ionela Report Jun 15, 2015 3064
Psihomotric training model for handball players--juniors, level 3. Roxana, Damian; Dragos, Ionescu Bondoc Report Jun 15, 2015 2446
The effect of complex training on antioxidants, certain physical education and record level of 50m crawl swimming for young swimmers. Fayed, Hamdy Report Jun 15, 2015 3922
Opinions of specialists on Romanian specific strength training running middle run. Paula, Ivan; Daniel, Gheorghe Report Jun 15, 2015 2125
A study on the influence of training at altitude (2000m) on the blood hemoglobin and erythroietin values in athletics (aerobic resistance). Cristina, Man Maria; Catalin, Ganera Report Jun 15, 2015 4566
Metabolic cost of the effort specific to water polo game, based on the relationship between pH and lactic acid concentration in junior III. Gheorghe, Marinescu; Daniel, Ticala Laurentiu; Adrian, Radulescu Report Jun 15, 2015 2663
The effects of mental toughness training on athletic coping skills and shooting effectiveness for national handball players. Ragab, Marwan Report Jun 15, 2015 3082
Particular aspects of trail running and the somato--functional and motric profile of practicants. Petronela, Mocanu; Balint, Lorand Report Jun 15, 2015 3648
Effect of S.A.Q exercises on certain physical variables and jump shotin handball. Emeish, Mohamed Kamal Report Jun 15, 2015 3293
The effect of mental toughness training on elite athlete self-concept and record level of 50m crawl swimming for swimmers. Mostafa, Mohamed Report Jun 15, 2015 3038
Contributions regarding the optimization of physical training in high school basketball. Valentin, Negrea Report Jun 15, 2015 1856
The effects of a structured training program based both on gym exercises and aquatic fitness in women affected by metabolic syndrome. Annunziata, Passalia; Maurizio, Sudano; Vincenzo, Biancalana Report Jun 15, 2015 1644
S.Rugby--the first step to mini-rugby. Catalin, Tranca Sorin; Cristina, Tranca; Adriana, Constantin Report Jun 15, 2015 4687
The optimization of some psychic-behavioral and personality traits that are nedeed in the handball game, of the junior I handball players (girl's). Teodor, Cicma Ioan; Anne-Lyze, Cicma Report Jun 15, 2015 2001
Speed training model in futsal game. Cosmin, Damian; Mircea, Neamtu Report Jun 1, 2015 3547
The importance of preparation of psihomotric components to junior handball players aged 11-12 years old. Roxana, Damian; Dragos, Ionescu-Bondoc Report Jun 1, 2015 3043
Examination of the motivational climate in the athletic training room. Brinkman-Majewski, Rachel E.; Weiss, Windee M. Report May 30, 2015 6460
Burrard Physiotherapy, a Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic, Adopts Sports Training Program. Apr 29, 2015 349
Analysis of the formation process of young football athletes in differentiated situations. Goncalves, Carlos Eduardo; Capraro, Andre Mendes; Caregnato, Andre Felipe; Silva, Camile Luciane; Ca Report Feb 1, 2015 7456
The effects of severe interval activities on the cytokines among male soccer players. Keshavarz, Saieed; Borujeni, Jamshid Banayi; Karimi, Mohammad Report Jan 15, 2015 3578
The contribution of the goalkeepers of the France national team in winning the international handball competitions. Roman, Calin Report Jan 1, 2015 2246
Concepts Of Athletic Training, seventh edition. Book review Dec 1, 2014 341
A minimalist approach to training exercisers to estimate and control heart rate. Kirkpatrick, Michael A.; Stover, Amanda Report Dec 1, 2014 5428
Indoor Track for High School athletes: A tweener sport: A coach's view on the transition from X-Country to the Winter or Indoor season with the longer Outdoor Season afew months away. Nov 1, 2014 1464
The effect of on-court vs. off-court interval training on skilled tennis performance and tolerance to fatigue in young male tennis players. Srihirun, Kanang; Boonrod, Wanchai; Mickleborough, Timothy D.; Suksom, Daroonwan Report Oct 1, 2014 3822
Altitude training at sea level and its impact on EPO and VEGF. Mikulski, Tomasz; Dabrowski, Jan; Krzywanski, Jaroslaw Report Sep 1, 2014 2704
Innovation Direct[TM] to Spearhead Marketing Campaign for Patented Racket Sports Training Aid Invention. Aug 6, 2014 405
Daily heart rate variability during an 18-day staging camp in paralympic medallist swimmers. Edmonds, Rohan C.; Leicht, Anthony S.; McKean, Mark; Burkett, Brendan Report Aug 1, 2014 2957
Athlete's heart: the left ventricular remodeling in Pakistani elite endurance athletes. Wazir Ali, Hafeezullah; Aslam, Muhammad; Aziz, Sohail; Hussain, Muhammad Mazhar; Wazir, Farmanullah Report Jul 3, 2014 2863
Gumption grown here: how adventure camps help adults and youth to toughen. Howard, Thecla Helmbrecht; Howard, Anthony H. Jul 1, 2014 2029
The effects of one session submaximal aerobic activities on albuminuria in amateur football players. Sharifi, Seyed Yaghoob; Hasani, Reza; Boostani, Mohammad Hassan; Boostani, Mohammad Ali Report Jun 1, 2014 2631
Physiological and performance improvements during a training season in paralympic rowers. Zoppi, Claudio Cesar; Santos-Junior, Crimerio Ribeiro dos; Guerreiro, Tamiris Soares; Porto, Yuri Ca Report Jun 1, 2014 5484
Investigation of the relationship between agility and balance in trainable mentally disabled athletes whose ages ranging from 8 to 14. Mustafa, Kaya; Mustafa, Karakus; Oktay, Sahin; Irfan, Marangoz Report Jun 1, 2014 2188
Validity of RPE session in young male karate athletes. Johnny, Padulo; Gianluca, Salernitano; Lucio, Maurino; Vando, Stefano; Cecilia, Gevat Report Jun 1, 2014 2658
The combined workout in juvenile basketball example of physical and technique special training. Riccardo, Izzo; Vincenzo, Biancalana Report Jun 1, 2014 1871
Identification standard and non standard exercises for multilateral physical training to soccer players begginers. George, Musat; Damian, Petcu; Cristian, Popa Report Jun 1, 2014 3712
Effect of functional strength training on certain physical variables and performance level of hammer throw. Elbadry, Naglaa Report Jun 1, 2014 2968
Exercises for skill developing for women basketball to 13-14 years old. Negrea, Valentin; Popa, Cristian; Hanu, Elena; Negrea, Mirela; Duta, Daniel Report Jun 1, 2014 1869
Effects and sustainability of a 13-day high-intensity shock microcycle in soccer. Wahl, Patrick; Guldner, Matthias; Mester, Joachim Report Jun 1, 2014 4322
Ball machine usage in tennis: movement initiation and swing timing while returning balls from a ball machine and from a real server. Carboch, Jan; Suss, Vladimir; Kocib, Tomas Report Jun 1, 2014 3845
Moderate recovery unnecessary to sustain high stroke volume during interval training. a brief report. Stanley, Jamie; Buchheit, Martin Report Jun 1, 2014 2439
Balance training exercises decrease lower-limb strength asymmetry in young tennis players. Sannicandro, Italo; Cofano, Giacomo; Rosa, Rosa A.; Piccinno, Andrea Report Jun 1, 2014 5067
Could low-frequency electromyostimulation training be an effective alternative to endurance training? An overview in one adult. Deley, Gaelle; Babault, Nicolas Report Jun 1, 2014 5063
Assessment of a new training model for the reduction of non-contact ACL injuries in female athletes. Abstract Apr 1, 2014 251
A multilevel approach to the path to expertise in three different competitive settings. Goncalves, Carlos Eduardo; Diogo, Frederico Lemos; Carvalho, Humberto Moreira Report Mar 1, 2014 3776
Evidence of a non-linear dose-response relationship between training load and stress markers in elite female futsal players. Milanez, Vinicius F.; Ramos, Solange P.; Okuno, Nilo M.; Boullosa, Daniel A.; Nakamura, Fabio Y. Report Mar 1, 2014 6189
World cup training is put off to last minute. Nelson, Warren L. Feb 7, 2014 734
Effects of detraining on the training-induced balance ability in humans. Huang, Han-Nien; Yamamoto, Takashi Clinical report Feb 1, 2014 2650
Preparing beginners handball, correlations between technicals indices. Constantin, Rizescu Report Jan 1, 2014 4155
Enhancing the performance of the athlete part 1. Teta, Jade; Teta, Keoni Report Dec 1, 2013 4147
Optimizing growth hormone as an athletic ergogenic aid. Huber, Gary Dec 1, 2013 3107
Examining self-training procedures in leisure swimming. Potdevin, Francois J.; Normani, Clement; Pelayo, Patrick Report Dec 1, 2013 6289
Adaptation of endurance training with a reduced breathing frequency. Kapus, Jernej; Usaj, Anton; Lomax, Mitch Report Dec 1, 2013 6517
Longitudinal study in male swimmers: a hierachical modeling of energetics and biomechanical contributions for performance. Costa, Mario J.; Bragada, Jose A.; Marinho, Daniel A.; Lopes, Vitor P.; Silva, Antonio J.; Barbosa, Report Dec 1, 2013 6781
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