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Sports stars back safety campaign.

Byline: Stewart Smith

AROAD safety charity is turning to the power of sport to hammer home its campaign for 20mph speed limits around schools. Brake has enlisted the support of a number of celebrities to keep speed in sport and off the roads.

With the help of the Transport Research Laboratory the charity has calculated that a driver travelling at 20mph would have enough time to stop if a child ran into the road three car lengths ahead.

At 30mph a collision would be unavoidable and the force of the impact would be the equivalent of eight times that of a world-class footballer's free kick.

Ellen Booth, campaigns officer at Brake, said: "Many people have an intention to abide by speed limits but then don't, and many people who do stick to speed limits think that 30mph is slow enough because it is the limit on so many residential streets - but this is a limit that's too fast.

"We are committed to convincing and reminding drivers to drive at 20mph or lower around schools and homes.

"Explaining the power of speed is one way to help drivers do this."

Broadcaster and World Cup presenter Adrian Chiles, who is supporting the campaign, says: "As a dad, I urge all drivers to think about the safety of kids when they're driving through a community.

"Everyone can help look out for our kids by slowing down - it's a simple step, but a crucial one."

And Gold Medal-winning cyclist Nicole Cooke added: "When I race, all I think about is speed. But in sport, just like in everyday life, I cannot go over the limit of what is safe because it may end in disaster, either in a crash or putting others in danger."
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 12, 2010
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