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Sports and civics.

I ENJOYED READING your article on sports and their influence on civics ("Sports & Civics," May 2006, page 42). It was good to read that others associated with our profession realize and publicize the importance of athletics in producing good citizens. Many in my profession have known for years that through athletics we can more directly reach kids to help develop a sense of leadership, teamwork, duty, honor and respect.

However, I found this statement from the researchers to be somewhat comical: "The researchers were not able to draw any direct conclusions as to why student athletes were more engaged in their community, and considered the possibility that people who choose to do sports might naturally be more inclined to participate in civic affairs." The answer is probably much more complicated than what I believe, which is to say that people (coaches, teachers and parents) are responsible for teaching these life principles to those kids.... We all realize that they are our future, and we strive to help produce the best possible person.

Greg George, Teacher/Coach

Mansfield High School, Mansfield, Texas
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Author:George, Greg
Publication:District Administration
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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