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Sports & prostitution.

During the World Cup soccer games in Germany, where the government has legalized prostitution, the German newspapers reported that wooden "sex huts" equipped with showers had been erected in Berlin, Dortmund and Cologne. They expected an estimated 40,000 additional women would be engaged in prostitution during the soccer tournament. A newly opened brothel in Berlin next to the World Cup stadium was intended to accommodate 650 male clients. The women could be bought for less than a ticket for a football match.

These activities are typical the world over. The breakdown of moral standards in the whole world threatens the security of all nations. The Catholic Church has always taught that any nation that does not give God's commandments and moral order a proper place in its constitution, will surely perish. There is no doubt that organized sports is drawing many away from the Church. All organized sports promote flag waving, racist enthusiasm, the idolization of sports heroes and the excessive money they are paid. This is gross idolatry which has replaced the first commandment....

Peterborough, ON
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Author:Gagliardi, Peter
Publication:Catholic Insight
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Date:Oct 1, 2006
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