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Sport on Tv: pick of the day.

Byline: Graham Woods

NHL Ice Hockey: Play-off preview

Channel 5, 12.25am

THE trouble with ice hockey in America is that the season is ridiculously long, with games every day, and it's impossible to keep up with the twists and turns, writes Graham Woods.

But luckily, the hundreds of games over the last six months have just been a prelude. Now is the time to tune in for the countdown to the Stanley Cup play-offs and the ultimate prize of what is reckoned to be physically the biggest trophy in world sport.

Channel 5's coverage is excellent, tucked away in its early hours of the morning slot. It's worth setting the video just for the input of Todd Macklin, one of the most knowledgable and perceptive pundits around.



12.00am-12.30 Extra Time with Ron Atkinson 1.55-2.25 World Sport 2.45 ITV Sport Classics 3.15-4.10 Football League Extra

Channel 4

3.45am-5.30 Football Italia

Channel 5

12.25am NHL Ice Hockey: Playoff Preview

1.20 NHL Ice Hockey

3.20 WCW Wrestling

4.05-5.30 Argentinian Football


1.30am-2.00 World Sport

Sky Sports 1

7.00am WWF 8.00 You're on Sky Sports

9.00 Racing News 9.30 Aerobics

10.00 Australian Rugby League

12.00pm Aerobics

12.30 Football: Middlesbrough v Sunderland 2.30 World Motor Sports 5.00 WWF

6.00 Sky Sports Centre

6.30 Inside Scottish Football

7.30 World Football 8.00 Ringside Special 10.00 You're on Sky Sports

11.00 Inside Scottish Football

12.00am Ringside Special 2.00 Asian Football 3.00 Rugby League Academy

4.00-5.00 You're on Sky Sports

Sky Sports 2

7.00am Aerobics 7.30 Racing News

8.00 World Extreme Games

8.30 World Football 9.00 Action Sport

9.30 Boardrider TV

10.00 Football League Review

10.30 Snowboarding 11.30 Moto-plus

12.00pm Australian Rules Football

2.00 Snooker: Scottish Open

5.00 World Extreme Games 5.30 Fastrax

6.00 Sports Unlimited

7.00 Snooker: Scottish Open

10.00 Fastrax 10.30 Tenpin Bowling: AMF World Cup 11.30 Sports Unlimited

12.30am Fly Fishing

1.00-2.00 Golf: Ladies' European Tour

Sky Sports 3

12.00pm The Boating Show

12.30 World Extreme Games 1.00 Action Sport 1.30 Boardrider TV

2.00 Wonderful World of Golf

3.00 Brian Moore Interviews

3.30 European Seniors Tour Golf

4.30 Boardrider TV 5.00 The Boating Show 5.30 Fly Fishing 6.00 Rugby League Academy 7.00 Tenpin Bowling 8.00 Asian Football

9.00 Golf: Ladies' European Tour

10.00 Boxing Gold

11.00-11.30 The A to Z of Motorsport

British Eurosport

7.30am Cycling 8.30 Cycling 9.30 Motorcycling 11.00 Football: British Eurogoals

12.30pm All Sports WATTS 1.00 Ice Speedway 2.00 Cycling 2.45 Cycling

4.30 All Sports Original Sound

5.00 All Sports WATTS 5.30 Xtreme Sports 6.00 News 6.15 CART 7.00 NASCAR

8.00 Boxing 10.0 -10.15 News 11.15 Cycling 12.15am-12.30 News


1.35-2.05 NBA 2001

Racing Channel Digital

11.00 Hello and Welcome

11.05 Racing Review

12.30 Live at Lunchtime

6.00-11.45 US Racing

Sky One

11.00am-12.00pm WWF
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Apr 10, 2001
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