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Sport on TV.

Byline: Steve Palme



BBC1 & BBC2, from 12noon

IT'S Ladies' Day at the All England Club and the BBC commentary box will be bulging with the usual female observers, writes Steve Palmer.

There's Virginia Wade, who will be cosying up to the microphone with Pam Shriver to get all worked up over the first round action.

"That's just a gorgeous backhand from Jennifer, isn't it Virginia?"

"Yes Pam, you can see Lindsay is at full stretch there, but, oh, what a beautiful stroke by Jenny - breathtaking."

Emotional Czech miss Jana Novotna will be on hand to describe the scent of Princess Anne's shoulder, while Sue Barker, who can at times resemble a laughing hyena on Prozac, leads the team.

Today's coverage lasts eight and a half hours. Yes, that's almost nine hours of live sport on the BBC. Blimey, I nearly choked on my strawberries then.



1.45pm-6.00 Wimbledon


9.00am-10.00 Yesterday at Wimbledon

11.05 History of Wimbledon: The Glory Years 12.00pm-2.40 Wimbledon

5.35-8.30 Wimbledon

9.30-10.30 Today at Wimbledon


12.00am-12.35 Frankly Football

1.05 World Sport 1.35-4.10 Formula One

Channel 5

12.45am Seniors Golf 1.45 Dutch Football

3.20 Confederations Cup Football

Sky Sports 1

7.00am WWF 8.00 Golf 9.00 Racing News

9.30 Aerobics 10.00 Spanish Football

12.00pm Countdown to the Ryder Cup

12.30 World Football 1.00 Motor Sport

3.30 World Football 4.00 Spanish Football

6.00 WWF 7.00 World Football

7.30 Greyhound Racing: The Steel City Cup from Sheffield

10.00 Golf: Footballers' Classic

11.00 World Football 11.30 Asian Football 12.00am Ladies' Golf

2.00-2.30 World Football

Sky Sports 2

7.00am Aerobics 7.30 Racing News

8.00 The Take 8.30 Motorsport

9.00 Action Sports 9.30 Boardrider TV

10.00 Premier Snooker League

12.00pm Aerobics 12.30 Golf

1.30 Aussie Rules 3.30 Showjumping

4.30 Premier Snooker League 6.30 Fishing 7.00 Golf: Footballers' Classic

8.00 Ladies' Golf 10.00 Fastrax 10.30 Fishing 11.00 Squash 12.00am Tenpin Bowling

1.00 Sports Unlimited

2.00-3.00 Rugby League Academy

Sky Sports 3

10.30am Cricket: B & H Cup semi-finals

12.00pm Showjumping 1.00 Action Sports 1.30 Boardrider TV

2.00 Wonderful World of Golf

3.00 Brian Moore Interviews 3.30 Fishing

4.00 Golf 5.00 Asian Football 5.30 Fastrax

6.00 Rugby League Academy

7.00 Tenpin Bowling 8.00 Sports Unlimited 9.00 Asian Football 9.30 Motorsport

10.00 Cricket Gold 11.00-11.30 Motor Racing

British Eurosport

7.30am Cycling 8.30 Table Tennis

9.30 All Sports 10.00 Wimbledon Highlights 11.00 Triathlon 12.30pm All Sports

1.00 Women's Football 3.30 Cycling

4.00 Cycling: The sixth stage of the Tour of Catalonia 5.00 Xtreme Sports

5.30 Trial 6.30 News 6.45 Cycling

7.30 Boxing: German hero Sven Ottke defends his IBF super-middleweight title against Frenchman Ali Ennebeti 10.00 News

10.15 Superbike 11.15 Wimbledon Highlights 12.15am Cycling 1.15-1.30 News

Racing Channel Digital

11.00am Hello and Welcome

11.05 Racing Review

12.30pm Live at Lunchtime

6.00-11.45 US Racing
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jun 26, 2001
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