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Sport field sell-off; Your say.

I READ with great interest R Dobson's letter 'Sport in schools' (20.8.12).

He states that his local Labour MP is trying to score political points for himself by blaming the Tory leader re sports funding.

He suggests that the MP look back into recent history, where he will find it was Blair and Brown who presided over the selling of the school playing fields.

I suggest Mr Dobson should look even further back in history where he will find out that it was Mrs Thatcher and Mr Major who started selling off all our school playing fields. The sell-off of these fields started around the same time as Mrs Thatcher brought in the odious Compulsory Competitive Tendering legislation.

John Major carried on the selloff after Mrs Thatcher's resignation as Prime Minister.

I do not deny that Blair and Brown carried on selling off playing fields in the later 1990s. But they certainly did not start the sell-off of school playing fields.

PETER HOMER, Stockton * * * R DOBSON 'Sport in schools' seems to want the subject to be a matter for political football.

As I see it, sport does attract a great deal of interest and many remember their school days as a time when they were able to excel at some sport or other.

The main problem seems to be that most people interested in sport are content to be spectators.

It would be far healthier for many of them to take part in some form of physical activity and I am pleased that at schools the subject continues to be called physical education.

I hope that it proves possible for all political parties to agree that what is most beneficial for the nation as a whole is for education to be about being active, taking enough exercise, and remaining in good health as long as possible.

In my own case I did not excel at sport at school but I have liked walking and I am sure that this pursuit has had a lot to do with the fact that, at 84, I can still be seen walking about and on the whole enjoying good health.

GEOFFREY BULMER, Billingham * * * ON the same day as the letter 'Sport in schools' was printed there was in the media an article giving facts out.

It said there has been 35 school fields sell-offs presented to the government, 30 from Conservative councils, four from Labour councils, one from Lib councils.

That might clear the facts up.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Aug 23, 2012
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