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BBC1, BBC2 from 12.00pm

THIS year's coverage of The Championships, we are told by a boastful BBC, will be the most extensive ever with digital viewers able to enjoy a wealth of extra features, writes Ed Hawkins.

But nothing else has changed. The men's singles is likely to be an event when over 120 blokes run round on grass for a few days and then Pete Sampras wins. The women's tournament increases tabloid newspaper sales when they run snaps of the few attractive players in short skirts (sorry lads, Kournikova's missing through injury).

Then there will be the British failings and this is when you can use all that new technology. Reach for the mute button when the pathetic cries of 'Come on, Tim!' from Union Flag clad teenage girls are driving you round the bend.


1.45pm-6.00 Wimbledon


11.05am History of Wimbledon: Dare to Dream 12.00pm-3.20 Wimbledon 5.35pm-8.30 Wimbledon 9.30pm-10.30 Today at Wimbledon


10.50pm-11.20 Sporting Vintage 12.35am-1.05 Riders and Rich Kids


9.00pm-10.00 Football Stories: George Best's Body 3.40am Motorsport: Formula Fords 4.05-5.00 The Chequered Flag


1.45am NFL Europe 2.15 FedEx Cart Motor Racing 4.00 NASCAR 5.00-5.30 Motorsport Max


7.00am WWF 8.00 World Sport Special 8.30 Moto Plus 9.00 Racing News 9.30 Aerobics 10.00 World Sport Special 10.30 Cricket: Benson and Hedges Cup semi-final Surrey v Nottinghamshire. (Yorks v Gloucs on Sky Sports Extra) 2.30 Countdown to the Ryder Cup 3.00 Cricket: Benson and Hedges Cup semi-final Surrey v Nottinghamshire 6.30 The Winning Post: Racing from Windsor and Yarmouth 9.00 WWF 12.00am Ryder Cup Countdown 12.30 Golf: Euro Pro Tour Turnberry 1.30-3.00 Cricket: Benson and Hedges Cup semi-final


7.00am Aerobics 7.30 Racing News 8.00 Golf USA 11.00 European Tour Golf 1.00pm Masters Football: Northern Masters 4.00 Golf USA 7.00 Ryder Cup Countdown 7.30 Euro Pro Tour Golf 8.30 Cricket: Benson and Hedges Cup 10.00 Ryder Cup Countdown 10.30 Formula Ford and Fiesta Racing 11.00 World Motor Sports 1.30am World Cup Showjumping 2.30 Action Sports 3.00 Boardrider TV 3.30 The Take 4.00-6.00 Premier Snooker


12.00pm NFL Europe 3.00 Tennis: Seniors Tour 5.00 World Cup Showjumping 6.00 WWF 7.00 Action Sports 7.30 Boardrider TV 8.00 Premier Snooker League 10.00 Shell's Wonderful World of Golf 11.00-11.30 Brian Moore Interviews


7.30am Cart 9.00 Superbike 10.00 ATP Tennis 11.00 Football 12.30pm Supersport 1.30 Motorcycling 2.30 Table Tennis 3.30 Cycling 4.00 Cycling 5.00 News 5.15 Football: Women's Euro Championships 8.30 All Sports WATTS 9.00 Athletics 10.00 News 10.15 Football 11.15 Grand Slam Tennis 12.15am Cycling 1.15am-1.30 News


7.30pm-8.30 F1: European Grand Prix


11.00am Hello and Welcome 11.05 Racing Review 12.30pm Live at Lunchtime 6.00-11.45 US Racing Review
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jun 25, 2001
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