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Spooning out a lesson in dosing for children.

WASHINGTON -- To educate parents on the importance of proper dosing of over-the counter cold medicines,, a consumer resource provided by the Consumer Healthcare Products Association Educational Foundation (a nonprofit organization dedicated to the responsible use of consumer health care products) has launched a new campaign, Be Precise with the Right Device.

O-T-C cough and cold medicines are safe and effective when used as directed--this includes always giving a child the precise, recommended dose. When it's late at night and a child is sick, it may seem easier to reach for a nearby kitchen spoon instead of taking the time to find the dosing cup or syringe that came with the medicine. While 63% of parents surveyed say they prefer milliliter dosing devices to measure their children's liquid medicine, eight out of 10 parents have accidentally given the wrong dose of liquid medicine to their child.

Using humor, the campaign highlights that just as spoons make lousy paintbrushes, they are even worse for measuring a child's medicine. To avoid any mistakes, parents need to be sure to use only the dosing device that comes with each medicine and follow the directions on the package.

By measuring the correct ml dose, parents can rest assured they are giving their children the proper amount of medicine.

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Date:Feb 12, 2018
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