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Spokane to become "gay mecca"?

Homosexual activists in Spokane, Washington, "are planning to create a neighborhood of gay-oriented homes, businesses and nightlife--a development religious conservatives contend would clash with Spokane's family-centered culture," reported AP on January 22.

"There is a very large gay population here," insists Bonnie Aspen, an activist with the Northwest Business Alliance who resettled in Spokane with her "partner" two years ago. Like many other homosexuals who have recently arrived in the small, conservative community, Aspen fled San Francisco's urban congestion.

While the municipal government "is not exactly pushing the notion of a gay district," it's doing nothing to oppose it, either. "It is our desire to create an environment where diversity and different interests and lifestyles of all types can flourish," comments Tom Reese, an economic development officer for Spokane. But when enforced as a dogma, "diversity" leads to despotism, with proponents of traditional morality defined as the enemy. (See "The Brutal Face of 'Tolerance'" on page 24.) And as homosexual activist Marvin Reguindin observes, the purpose of building a "gay" enclave would be to recruit the community's youth.

"It would help youth struggling with their sexuality to realize they don't have to go away to a big city to be gay," Reguindin told the AP. "You can be gay right here in Spokane."
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Title Annotation:Insider Report
Publication:The New American
Date:Feb 21, 2005
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