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Spoiled Milk Uses That Will Surprise You.

You know your coffee was made from spoiled milk based on visible yellow patches and unpleasant taste. Soon enough, the milk could turn slimy and the texture can thicken. How fast milk spoils is subject to the bacteria inside, temperature, storage and exposure to light. Drinking spoiled milk has bad consequences on a person's health. It affects digestion, leading to nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.A

There is an important difference to note here. Pasteurized milk that has gone bad refers to treated milk with minimal bacteria that later becomes contaminated due to other factors. On the contrary, unpasteurized milk is referred to as raw milk that undergoes fermentation with help of the same bacteria producing lactic acid. Raw milk has a miniscule amount of probiotics, but other than that benefit, raw milk should not be consumed since it can lead to foodborne illnesses.A

A few accidental sips might not do much harm. ( Healthline advises against consuming even moderate quantities of spoiled milk from the carton.A As little as that might be it could cause health problems.A If you can see all the signs of spoiled milk, such as it turning slimy or growing mold, it is best to discard it and not use it at all.A However, you might be surprised to know that if the milk is only slightly acidic and sour, it can come in handy for various culinary purposes. This is also a practical solutionA to reduce food waste and save energy. Its practical uses are as listed below:

Baking: Using sour milk in case the regular milk runs out will not be as bad as it might seem since the ingredients in the baked goods will overpower its taste. Spoiled milk can be a replacement for sour cream, buttermilk and yogurt. It can be added to scones, biscuits, pastries and cornbread.A

EmulsifiesA soups: Adding a small amount of sour milk can provide thickness and richness to various liquid food like soup, stew and casseroles.A A

Marinates meat: The lactic acid in milk helps tenderize the meat. Prior to cooking, soak the fish or meat in sour milk to marinate.A

Cheesemaking: Not just as an additive like it's conveniently used, half a gallon of sour milk can be turned into cottage or farmer's cheese.A

Add calcium to plants: Garden beds and potted plants, especially tomato plants, need calcium. So dilute sour milk with water and pour it on to them.A

Pet food additive: As bad as sour milkA might taste, ( pets will not cringe as much as we do. Hence, mixing a little milk in their food will add calcium as well as protein in their diet.A

Salad dressing: In case sour cream is in short supply, then you can use sour milk in its place to make rich dressings like blue cheese.A A

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Publication:Medical Daily
Date:Aug 23, 2019
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