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Split carrier annulus seal assembly for wellhead systems.

U.S. patent: 6,969,070

Issued: November 29, 2005

Inventors: Larry E. Reimert and Lionel J. Milberger

Assigned: Dril-Quip

Key statement. The seal assembly (10) seal between a subsea wellhead housing (12) and a casing hanger (16). A metal seal body (20) includes fingers (32) and (34) one or more elastomeric seals (38). An upper seal body (64) may include threads for engagement with the metal seal body. According to the method of the invention, an initial elastomeric seal is first formed, and the fluid pressure is applied from above to set the high temperature metal seal.
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Title Annotation:Patent News
Author:Samples, Bob
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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