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Splendor Of The True.

Splendor Of The True

James S. Cutsinger

State University of New York Press

State University Plaza

Albany, NY 12246-0001

9781438446103, $27.95,

Frithjof Schuon (June 18, 1907-May 5, 1998) was born to German parents in Basel, Switzerland. He is known as a philosopher, metaphysicist and author of numerous books on religion and spirituality. Schuon is recognized as an authority on philosophy, spirituality and religion, an exponent of the Religio Perennis, and one of the chief representatives of the Perennialist School. Though he was not officially affiliated with the academic world, his writings have been noticed in scholarly and philosophical journals, and by scholars of comparative religion and spirituality. Criticism of the relativism of the modern academic world is one of the main aspects of Schuon's teachings. In his teachings, Schuon expresses his faith in an absolute principle, God, who governs the universe and to whom our souls would return after death. For Schuon the great revelations are the link between this absolute principle-God-and mankind. The newest addition to the outstanding SUNY series in Western Esoteric Traditions, "Splendor of the True: A Frithjof Schuon Reader" by James S. Cutsinger (Professor of Theology and Religious thought, University of South Carolina) is a 370 page compendium comprised of selected and translated (from the original French) writings of Frithjof Schuon. Deftly organized into five major sections: Religion & Tradition; The Perennial Philosophy; Human Nature and Destiny; Sacred Art and Symbolism; and Spirituality, "Splendor of the True" provides the contemporary reader with a full and articulate introduction to Schuon's thought and perspectives. Enhanced with an informed and informative introduction by Professor Cutsinger, "Splendor of the True" is a highly recommended addition to academic library Religious Studies and 20th Century Philosophy Studies reference collections.

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