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Spirituality of food.

* Thank you for Rich Heffern's series on the food industry/family farm industry (NCR, May 19, 31 and June 7). Many wonderful people, deeply committed to social justice issues, do not seem to understand that what they eat is a spiritual issue. On the one hand they see the destruction of the environment as a spiritual issue, but on the other they don't understand that the food industry, especially in the United States, is the biggest destroyer of the environment throughout the entire world. These same people think I am a kook for being a vegetarian.

After listening to a coworker detail her Sunday, including going to church, I read this article and quoted a few statistics to her. She was upset and said that if food weren't subsidized then people wouldn't be able to afford it; we should leave "well enough alone." This same woman has a 10-year-old son who developed cancer last year and is now completely blind (irreversibly), and is not yet out of the woods. She doesn't even want to know how much the environmental destruction has played a part in her son's tragic illness.

I hope that every preacher who reads this series will see the link between food and spirituality and the destruction of Earth and will preach this morality from the pulpit.
Akron, Ohio
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Author:Hazlett, Mary F.
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jul 19, 2002
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