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Spirited and wishful thinking BARBARA [...].

Spirited and wishful thinking BARBARA Dunn (Talkback, February 9) thinks heaven is a spiritual realm. Where is there one bit of evidence that a spiritual realm and spirits exist? In the Bible it says that if you believe in God and Jesus Christ you will have an everlasting life. What as, a spirit in a spiritual place? I think I'll opt out on going to a spiritual place as a spirit and deal with what I've got now.

All I can say to Barbara is look for the proof of a God, a devil, an angel, a heaven, a paradise and a hell. The harsh reality is there isn't any.

As long as we are flesh and blood we will die. A lot of human beings just can't grasp the fact that when we die it is the end, there is nothing else. Put us in a jungle and we become part of a food chain - all we are to many animals is their next meal. Does that sound repulsive? Go into the jungle without a gun and see how long you would last - it's called reality.

It's just wishful thinking that we go to another life of some sort after death. Make the best of the living years, it's all there is.

The universe doesn't speak or hear, it just is.

Don't ever think the human race is that important that we live on after death.

Anthony Evans, West Heath

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Feb 20, 2016
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