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Spirit Facts.

 If you had to choose between weeds growing inside your body or
having to drink a glass of vinegar daily, you would grow old having to
make this choice eventually. Or, having made the choice, you would feel
regret growing inside of you like not-distant waters. Your house
contains a rain machine, to simulate rain storms, your wife's
suggestion, but a pleasant one. You only turn it on when it's
raining. There is the smallest chair, the one you sat in when you were
small, and that chair is full of goose down. There is a book about ducks
and there is water with ducks in it when it's raining and when it
isn't raining. Some of this water has the faint taste of vinegar
and you're not sure why you keep dunking your head in, or why you
feel like there's another someone inside of you getting larger,
trying to be someone else. 
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Author:Mullikin, Erin J.; Wojciechowski, David
Publication:The Carolina Quarterly
Article Type:Sonnet
Date:Dec 22, 2014
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