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Spirex now offers Hitachi barrels and Barr screws.

Spirex Corp., Youngstown, Ohio, has broadened its offerings of bimetallic barrels through an exclusive North American agreement with Hitachi (Dong Guan) of China. Spirex will use Hitachi's bimetallic barrel blanks to make barrels for injection molding and extrusion at its manufacturing sites in Ohio and Wisconsin. Hitachi's abrasion-resistant C-020 iron/boron alloy and C-070 carbide alloy provide intermediate levels of cost and performance between those of Spirex's own bimetallic barrels.

Spirex also has a new exclusive arrangement with Robert Barr Inc., Virginia Beach, Va., to manufacture and market the Barr Energy Transfer screw and the Barr Variable Barrier Energy Transfer screw for injection molding.
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Publication:Plastics Technology
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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