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Spirent Communications and MRV Expand Partnership by Adding Power Management to Automated Lab Testing Solution.

Industry Leader Integrates LX5210 Power Management Platforms Into Spirent TestCenter[TM] Automated DSL Regression Testing Solution

CHATSWORTH, Calif. -- MRV COMMUNICATIONS, INC. today announced that Spirent Communications plc, a leader in network, services and device testing, has selected the LX Series of power control products for its xDSL Automated Regression Test (ART[TM]) lab testing. MRV is a leading networking company with a full line of packet-optical transport (POTS), carrier Ethernet, 40G networking, physical layer switches, and out-of-band networking products.

Spirent has integrated the LX5210 power management device as part of its xDSL ART lab solution to test power-up sync time and power down equipment that is not in use. Spirent provides carriers and network equipment manufacturers an end-to-end fully automated test lab environment. Using MRV's physical layer switch at the foundation, Spirent's lab solution eliminates cable manipulation to reduce test cycle time, enable remote test set up and operation and improve test lab throughput. When combined with the per outlet power control provided by MRV, the xDSL ART lab solution also reduces power consumption, cooling costs and overall carbon footprint.

"Our xDSL ART lab solution is designed to optimize networking test lab environments, saving companies time and money by eliminating the time-consuming process of having to manually configure equipment for each test," said Neil Anderson, vice president of global services for Spirent Communications. "The addition of MRV's power management product helps extend our automation solutions strength to manage the planning and consumption of power, which adds tremendous value to customers who are concerned reducing their global carbon impact."

In the current competitive environment, networking vendors and service providers face increasingly short product qualification cycle times. Spirent's approach with its Automation Continuum delivers massive increases in productivity for both test development and test execution by leveraging a powerful set of features including a command sequencer that offers lab administrators the option to work interchangeably through either a GUI or scripts. Additionally, the solution offers a full report of test results.

"Expanding our partnership with an industry leader like Spirent, to include the unique capabilities of our power and device management product lines, provides test lab managers access to one of the most complete lab automation solutions available today," said Noam Lotan, MRV president and CEO.

About Spirent Communications plc

Spirent Communications ( is a global provider of integrated performance analysis and service assurance systems that enable the development and deployment of next-generation networking technology such as Internet telephony, broadband services, 3G wireless, global navigation satellite systems, and network security equipment. Spirent Communications' solutions are used by more than 1,700 customers in 30 countries, including the world's largest equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprises and governments. Based in Calabasas, CA, Spirent Communications has 1,500 employees worldwide. For more information visit

About MRV's Power Management and Media Cross Connect Products - The LX Power Control Series from MRV Communications includes both AC and DC power control solutions combining intelligent power distribution and remote power control for test lab, enterprise, telco, utilities, and emerging datacenter solutions. The LX Power Control Series allows administrators to remotely power-on, power-off or reboot equipment and monitor power consumption. The Media Cross Connect provides layer one switching for remote, automated access to an unprecedented range of optical interfaces. Used in test labs and data/network operating centers for centralized, automated testing.

About MRV Communications, Inc

MRV Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of packet switching, packet optical (POTS), physical layer switches and out-of-band networking equipment, services and optical components for high-speed carrier and enterprise networks and specialized aerospace, defense and other communications networks. Through its wholly owned SourcePhotonics, Inc. subsidiary, the company provides optical communications components for access and fiber-to-the-premises applications. MRV markets and sells its products worldwide, with operations in Europe that provide network system design, integration and distribution. For more information please call (978) 431-5011 or visit our websites at and
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Date:Jun 29, 2009
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