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Spirax Sarco's All-in-One Controller.

Spirax Sarco of Charlton House, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, tel:0124 252 1361 have just launched their LC2610 multi-function level controller to provide an all-in-one level control solution.

The LC2610 provides on/off, modulating, two or three term control functions, giving users the flexibility to satisfy their level control system requirements within a single controller.

By eliminating the need for separate controllers for each type of control method, this new unit can also help reduce the time and cost of installation and commissioning, as compared with conventional level control systems. It can be used with either electrically or pneumatically actuated control valves, further reducing the need for additional separate controllers, and the unit provides two alarms - high and low, and a 4-20mA output.

With on-/off control, the unit can be used with a capacitance-type probe which measures level, thus it will signal a feedwater pump or valve to admit water till the correct level is reached. For modulating control, variations in boiler water level measured by the probe are relayed to the LC2610, which signals the feedwater pump or valve to vary feedwater flowrate to the boiler. As well as offering proportional control, the unit also features a non adjustable integral action to give closer control of the water level. In a two-element control application, this unit can be used in conjunction with a steam meter to help the level control system cope better with sudden load swings. Variations in steam flowrate are measured and the information relayed using a 420mA feed-forward signal. For three-element control, a feedwater meter is added to the two-element system.
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Date:Jun 1, 2000
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