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Products for Flea, Tick, and Mite Prevention. Mar 1, 2021 537
Neonicotinoid Residues in Sugar Beet Plants and Soil under Different Agro-Climatic Conditions. Gasparic, Helena Viric; Grubelic, Mirela; Uzelac, Verica Dragovic; Bazok, Renata; Cacija, Maja; Drmi Oct 1, 2020 8324
Rootstocks Influence Yield Precocity, Productivity, and Pre-Harvest Fruit Drop of Mandared Pigmented Mandarin. Caruso, Marco; Continella, Alberto; Modica, Giulia; Pannitteri, Claudia; Russo, Riccardo; Salonia, F Sep 1, 2020 5359
Susceptibility of Ceratitis capitata Field and Laboratory Strains to Malathion and Spinosad in Tunisia. Ammar, Mohammed; Guerfali, Meriem Msaad; Hamden, Heitham; Fadhl, Salma; Djobbi, Wafa; Sillini, Lotfi Report Aug 31, 2020 5102
Combining Host Plant Resistance, Selective Insecticides, and Biological Control Agents for Integrated Management of Tuta absoluta. Nderitu, Peris Wangari; Jonsson, Mattias; Arunga, Esther; Otieno, Mark; Muturi, John Jamleck; Wafula Aug 31, 2020 6194
Impact of years in bahiagrass and cultivation techniques in organic vegetable production on epigeal arthropod populations. Brodbeck, Brent V.; Andersen, P.C.; Bliss, C.; Mizell, Russell F., III Jun 1, 2020 7458
Toxicity of different insecticides against Franklinellia invasor (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), a mango pest in Central America. Walter, Ndonkeu Tita; Rojas, Royner Josue Ortiz; Strzyzewski, Iris; Funderburk, Joe; Martini, Xavier Jun 1, 2020 1869
Estimation of Pesticide Residues in Selected Products of Plant Origin from Poland with the Use of the HPLC-MS/MS Technique. Kowalska, Grazyna; Pankiewicz, Urszula; Kowalski, Radoslaw Report Jun 1, 2020 9709
Pesticide Residues in Some Polish Herbs. Kowalska, Grazyna Report May 1, 2020 8575
Biological Degradation of some Synthetic and Bio-Pesticides Sprayed on Cauliflower Crop. Akbar, Muhammad Faheem; Haq, Muhammad Abdul; Ahmad, Imtiaz; Viliana, Vasileva; Sultan, Amjad Report Apr 10, 2020 5133
Efficacy and Feasibility of Various IPM Tools against PoD Borer (Helicoverpa armigera) of Chickpea in Thal Regions of Punjab. Abbas, Muneer; Ramzan, Muhammad; Hussain, Khalid; Ghaffar, Abdul; Hussain, Niaz; Irshad, Muhammad; K Report Apr 10, 2020 3933
Sub-lethal Dose Reponses of Native Polyhydroviruses and Spinosad for Economical and Sustainable Management of Spodoptera litura in Pakistan. Ahmad, Jam Nazeer; Mushtaq, Rashid; Ahmad, Samina Jam Nazeer; Malik, Mubasher Ahmad; Manzoor, Mujahi Report Apr 10, 2020 6951
Efficacy of Biorational Compounds against Mustard Aphid (Lipaphis erysimi Kalt.) and English Grain Aphid (Sitobion avenae Fab.) under Laboratory Conditions in Nepal. Khanal, Dipak; Maharjan, Salu; Lamichhane, Jamuna; Neupane, Pritika; Sharma, Srijana; Pandey, Pushpa Mar 31, 2020 5523
Potential of Lecanicillium lecanii (Zimm.) as a Microbial Control Agent for Green Peach Aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Hemiptera: Aphididae). Abdul Hanan, Talha Nazir, Abdul Basit, Shahbaz Ahmad and Dewen Qiu Feb 14, 2020 4326
Efficacy of Mixture of Pesticides on the Mortality and Energy Reserves of a Stored Grain Pest Trogoderma granarium Evert. Tanzeela Riaz, Farah Rauf Shakoori, Hareem Mansoor, Sana Khan and Mushtaq A. Saleem Dec 31, 2019 8787
Defining and Evaluating a Decision Support System (DSS) for the Precise Pest Management of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Ceratitis capitata, at the Farm Level. Sciarretta, Andrea; Tabilio, Maria Rosaria; Amore, Armando; Colacci, Marco; Miranda, Miguel A.; Nest Oct 1, 2019 6660
Aerosol Insecticides Market Value Chain and Forecast 2018 to 2017. Aug 8, 2019 1397
The Battle Against Fleas and Ticks: Choose a brand easy to use and safe for your dog. Jul 1, 2019 1390
Evaluation of Synthetic Insecticides and Essential Oils for the Management of Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae). Arshad, Muhammad; Ullah, Muhammad Irfan; Afzal, Muhammad; Iftikhar, Yasir; Khalid, Samina; Hussain, Report Jun 30, 2019 3129
Your Role as Flea Fighter: The tiny cat flea can put up a big battle. Jun 29, 2019 988
Effect of two oviposition feeding substrates on Orius insidiosus and Orius tristicolor (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae). Lorenzo, Maria E.; Bao, Leticia; Mendez, Luciana; Grille, Gabriela; Bonato, Olivier; Basso, Cesar Jun 1, 2019 8012
Presence of corn earworm and fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) populations in sweet corn and their susceptibility to insecticides in Puerto Rico. Viteri, Diego M.; Linares, Angela M.; Cabrera, Irma; Sarmiento, Leidy Jun 1, 2019 3345
Multiresidue Pesticides Analysis of Vegetables in Vietnam by Ultrahigh-Performance Liquid Chromatography in Combination with High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry (UPLC-Orbitrap MS). Vu-Duc, Nam; Nguyen-Quang, Trung; Le-Minh, Thuy; Nguyen-Thi, Xuyen; Tran, Tri Manh; Vu, Hai Anh; Ngu May 31, 2019 8057
Effects of insecticide and acaricide mixtures on Diaphorina citri control/Efeito da mistura de inseticidas e acaricida no controle de Diaphorina citri. Vechia, Jaqueline Franciosi Delia; de Andrade, Daniel, Jr.; de Azevedo, Rafael Gomes; Ferreira, Marc Mar 1, 2019 4009
Toxicity of different insecticides against two thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) pests of concern in Central America. Walter, Ndonkeu Tita; Adeleye, Victoria Oluwaseun; Muthomi, Purity Kendi; Rojas, Royner Josue Ortiz; Dec 1, 2018 3227
New tools, challenges for poultry farm insect control; Insect control is an important part of poultry farm biosecurity programs and can help prevent nuisance lawsuits from neighbors. Jerry Dreyer Sep 1, 2018 1558
Monitoring Susceptibility to Spinosad in Three Major Stored-Product Insect Species from Punjab, Pakistan. Khan, Hafiz Azhar Ali; Akram, Waseem; Lee, Sumi; Manzoor, Shakir; Ayub, Syed Rajab; Rehman, Khalil U Report Aug 31, 2018 4657
Safety of Natural Insecticides: Toxic Effects on Experimental Animals. Mossa, Abdel-Tawab H.; Mohafrash, Samia M.M.; Chandrasekaran, Natarajan Jan 1, 2018 14626
Toxicity of malathion and spinosad to Bactrocera zonata and Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae). Gazit, Yoav; Akiva, Ruti Report Jun 1, 2017 3920
DIVERSIDAD DE TISANOPTEROS EN CRISANTEMO [DENDRANTHEMA GRANDIFLORUM (RAMAT.) KITAMURA] VAR. HARMAN EN TEXCOCO, ESTADO DE MEXICO. Loera-Alvarado, Esperanza; Ortega-Arenas, Laura Delia; Johansen-Naime, Roberto Miguel; Gonzalez-Hern Jan 1, 2017 5382
COMBATE QUIMICO DE THRIPS TABACI (THYSANOPTERA: THRIPIDAE) EN EL CULTIVO DE CEBOLLA, EN MORELOS, MEXICO. Aguilar Carpio, Cid; Gonzalez Rendon, Arturo; Perez Ramirez, Adriana; Ramirez Rojas, Sergio Gavino; Jan 1, 2017 3653
Effect of temperature on two bio-insecticides for the control of confused flour beetle (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae). Thompson, Brian M.; Reddy, Gadi V.P. Report Mar 1, 2016 3904
Pezothrips kellyanus (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) nymphs on orange fruit: importance of the second generation for its management. Planes, Laura; Catalan, Jose; Jaques, Josep A.; Urbaneja, Alberto; Tena, Alejandro Report Sep 1, 2015 7608
Mortality and food consumption in Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae treated with spinosad alone or in mixtures with a nucleopolyhedrovirus. Figueroa, Jose Isaac; Coronado, Rachel Eunice; Pineda, Samuel; Chavarrieta, Juan Manuel; Martinez-Ca Report Sep 1, 2015 2276
Incorporation of biorational insecticides with neonicotinoids to combat resurgence of Tetranychus urticae (Prostigmata: Tetranychidae) on rose. Gupta, Garima Report Sep 1, 2015 5078
Compatibility of Spinosad with Trichogramma chilonis (Ishii) (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) in Integrated Pest Management of Sitotroga cereallela. Saljoqi, Ahmad-Ur-Rahman; Nawaz, Mehreen; Farid, Abid; Khan, Imtiaz Ali Report Feb 29, 2012 4201
Combatting lice in a single treatment: Spinosad (Natroba), a topical pediculicide approved by the FDA in 2011, effectively eradicates lice--with no nit-picking. Brown, Dionna; Rowland, Kate Jan 1, 2012 997
Control garden pests organically with spinosad. Pleasant, Barbara Jun 1, 2011 375

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