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Spinning to a prismatic beat.

A cylinder mounted so that it stands upright on a turntable has no tendency to spin when air rushes by -- but a similarly mounted flat plate or three-sided prism not only spins but also generates lift in such an airstream. This aerodynamic effect, known as autorotation, plays an important role in determining the paths followed by freely falling, geometrically complicated objects, ranging from tree fruits to parts ejected from space-craft or airplanes.

Recent experiments by mechanical engineer B.W. Skews of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, reveal that only prisms with fewer than eight sides rotate in an airstream, and that prisms of a triangular cross section spin fastest. In each case, the spinning prisms generate more lift than they would if driven at the same rotation rate by a motor of some kind. Reporting in the Aug. 8 NATURE, Skews suggests that his findings could influence the design of wind-power devices, such as wind-driven rotors used to propel ships. The findings may also shed light on the behavior of wind-buffeted, many-stranded ropes and cables, which sometimes have cross sections resembling those of multifaceted prisms.
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Title Annotation:prisms and autorotation
Publication:Science News
Date:Aug 31, 1991
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