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Spindle finishers reduce time and cost.

Spindle finishers reduce time and cost

Maytag Co, Newton, IA, achieved time- and labor cost-savings by using three spindle finishers to remove burrs from the center shafts of its orbital transmissions for clothes washers.

The spindle finishers from Almco Inc, Albert Lea, MN, are located with three spline cutters and a broaching machine in a work cell manned by one employee, producing up to 180 deburred shafts/hr. The three finishers have given more than 30,000 hours of service since 1989 with downtime only for minor repairs and routine maintenance.

Each is a Model 2SF-36 with hydraulic rotary actuator that automatically turns the shaft in the finishing media to ensure removal of any number of burrs, whatever their location on the helix. The tub of the machine has a 36" dia and is filled with aluminum oxide abrasive, which effectively removes burrs and leaves a slightly polished, smooth, and unblemished finish.

The center shafts are attached to both spindles of each machine by the operator and are automatically lowered one at a time into the media. At the end of the 45-sec deburring cycle, the spindle rises on its own from the media, is removed by the operator, and another shaft is attached--all within 15 sec.

For more information from Almco Inc, Albert Lea, MN, circle 272.
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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