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Spill trashes Shrewsbury Street; Worcester, company waste no time in garbage cleanup.

Byline: Linda Bock

WORCESTER - Talk about a bad day at work.

A Waste Management garbage truck somehow lost its load of trash on Shrewsbury Street yesterday, temporarily blocking two lanes of traffic. The garbage truck was headed east on Shrewsbury Street about 10:15 a.m. when it began to spill trash, according to witnesses. The truck had just been on the east side of Worcester at some commercial accounts.

"We heard noise," Sharon Jolicoeur said as she watched the cleanup from in front of Donut Cafe, 399 Shrewsbury St., along with a small group. "There is this wicked smell."

The garbage truck must have dropped trash for 200 to 250 yards along the street before the driver noticed and stopped driving, according to Tom DiGioia, owner of Worcester Foreign Motors, 405 Shrewsbury St. Mr. DiGioia said he was out in front of his business, moving a vehicle, when he heard and saw the commotion.

"It's a big mess. He wasn't even going to stop at first," Mr. DiGioia said. "He did stop when he realized what happened. Cars couldn't go by at first."

There was a small crew from Waste Management, and the company arranged for a large open-top container to re-collect the trash.

Police directed traffic on Shrewsbury Street, as Rich Polli of the Department of Public Works and Parks directed a crew. He said the city offered to drive a loader-truck to Shrewsbury Street to expedite the cleanup.

David Tooley, a Waste Management spokesman, said the company is looking into the incident.

"The company did respond immediately," Mr. Tooley said. "We notified city officials and the state DEP (Department of Environmental Management). We'll continue to work with them while we review the incident."

The driver of the garbage truck was not cited, according to Mr. Tooley.

Jane Docimo, who works in the second floor of a building at 409 Shrewsbury St., was relieved as she watched the cleanup from the sidewalk. After she first heard the noise, she ran down the stairs.

"I thought, `Oh, my God, my car,'" Ms. Docimo said. She was able to get to her brand new car and move it before the truck dumped a large pile of debris where the car had been parked. Some men directed her to back up into an adjacent alley.

"I moved just in time," Ms. Docimo said. "Otherwise, I would have had a whole pile of garbage on my car."

Once the loader and open-top container arrived, cleanup was completed in just over an hour. A street sweeper truck was called in, and people with brooms did a final sweep just before the rain started.

"They did an awesome job cleaning up," Ms. Jolicoeur said.


CUTLINE: (1) Jane Docimo points to where her car had been parked just before a garbage truck spilled its load on Shrewsbury Street yesterday. (2) Garbage is strewn on Shrewsbury Street after a Waste Management truck spilled its load yesterday morning.

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Title Annotation:LOCAL NEWS
Publication:Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
Date:Sep 10, 2008
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