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Spike Heels.

Spike Heels is a sturdier piece of work, just as cheery as Reddin's play but with a Shavian plot armature that systematically reverses sentimental expectations and eventuates in a final curtain that is both dramatically satisfying and politically incorrect: The rich cad turns out to be the right matrimonial choice for a lower-class sexpot who finally has enough of the schmuck who's been trying to play Professor Higgins to her Eliza Doolittle. There are four roles, each one a plum, but Saundra Santiago as the sexpot gave the kind of over-the-top, I'll-make-you-loveme performance that should take her right to Hollywood, assuming the right moguls had a chance to see her. Kevin Bacon as the cad reeked of the kind of glamour only money can buy. Together they were like an all-you-can-eat dinner of spareribs and onion rings.

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Title Annotation:Second Stage Theater, New York, New York
Author:Disch, Thomas M.
Publication:The Nation
Article Type:Theater Review
Date:Aug 17, 1992
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