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Spices tucked in cabinet door.

How to house dozens of spice bottles in a tiny kitchen? Shelby Drucker of San Jose, California, turned a cabinet door into a spice rack that protrudes only 21/2 inches into the room.

Sized to the dimensions of the existing door, the spiece rack has a 1-by-3 pine frame and particle-board backing; for strength, a pine strip runs down the center. Wood-grain shelf paper covers the rack's back; its interior is painted black.

For shelves and retaining bars, Drucker passed lengths of 1/4-inch dowel--two dowels for shelves, one for bars--through predrilled holes in the divider and glued them into holes in the frame sides. Shelves are spaced 6 inches apart; bars are 1-1/2 inches above each shelf.

Drucker removed the old cabinet door and hinged the left side of the rack to the cabinet. He then rehinged the old door on the right side of the rack. Magnetic latches keep both door and rack closed.
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Date:Jun 1, 1985
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