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Veeva, Bioforum Partner with RedHill Biopharma to Maximize Value of Opaganib Phase 2/3 COVID-19 Clinical Data. Sep 24, 2020 687
RedHill Biopharma says opaganib demonstrates complete inhibition of SARS-CoV-2. Clinical report Sep 8, 2020 538
Arena Pharmaceuticals price target raised to $88 from $68 at Cantor Fitzgerald. Jun 2, 2020 160
Enzo Biochem issued U.S. patent for methods of using SK1-I. Apr 29, 2020 305
Various In Vitro Bioactivities of Secondary Metabolites Isolated from the Sponge Hyrtios aff. Erectus from the Red Sea Coast of Egypt/Misir'in Kizil Deniz Kiyisindaki Sunger Hyrtios aff. Erectus'tan Izole Edilen Farkli Sekonder Metabolitlerin Biyoaktiviteleri. Nabil-Adam, Asmaa; Shreadah, Mohamed A.; El Moneam, Nehad M. Abd; El-Assar, Samy A. Apr 1, 2020 5366
Overexpression of Sphingosine Kinase-1 and Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptor-3 in Severe Plasmodium falciparum Malaria with Pulmonary Edema. Viriyavejakul, Parnpen; Punsawad, Chuchard Mar 31, 2020 4282
US Food and Drug Administration Approves Bristol Myers Squibb's Zeposia for Relapsing Forms of Multiple Sclerosis. Mar 26, 2020 1013
Dietary Fatty Acid Saturation Modulates Sphingosine-1-Phosphate-Mediated Vascular Function. Nuno, Daniel W.; Lamping, Kathryn G. Sep 30, 2019 5777
Dietary Lipids in Health and Disease. Amin, Kamal A.; Homeida, Abdelgadir M.; Mazoudy, Reda H. El; Hashim, Khalid S.; Garelnabi, Mahdi Jul 31, 2019 703
Enzo Biochem Issued United States Patent for Treatment of Liver Cancer Using Ozanimod. Disease/Disorder overview May 16, 2019 291
Enzo Biochem announces issuance of U.S. patent for Ozanimod. May 10, 2019 134
Enzo Biochem reports publication of study on therapeutic candidate SK1-I. Dec 3, 2018 414
Lipids and the Permeability and Antimicrobial Barriers of the Skin. Wertz, Philip W. Jan 1, 2018 4945
Bioactive Sphingolipids, Complement Cascade, and Free Hemoglobin Levels in Stable Coronary Artery Disease and Acute Myocardial Infarction. Jadczyk, T.; Baranski, K.; Syzdol, M.; Nabialek, E.; Wanha, W.; Kurzelowski, R.; Ratajczak, M.Z.; Ku Jan 1, 2018 6293
The Many Facets of Sphingolipids in the Specific Phases of Acute Inflammatory Response. Grosch, Sabine; Alessenko, Alice V.; Albi, Elisabetta Jan 1, 2018 9587
Deoxycholic Acid-Mediated Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptor 2 Signaling Exacerbates DSS-Induced Colitis through Promoting Cathepsin B Release. Zhao, Shengnan; Gong, Zizhen; Du, Xixi; Tian, Chunyan; Wang, Lingyu; Zhou, Jiefei; Xu, Congfeng; Che Jan 1, 2018 5149
University research gives hope to multiple sclerosis sufferers. Dec 18, 2017 287
Arena Pharmaceuticals concludes enrollment in etrasimod Phase 2 ulcerative colitis clinical study; with data expected in Q1 2018. Clinical report Nov 13, 2017 267
Arena Pharmaceuticals concludes enrolment in etrasimod Phase 2 ulcerative colitis clinical study; with data expected in Q1 2018. Clinical report Nov 13, 2017 267
Arena Pharmaceuticals concludes enrollment in etrasimod Phase 2 ulcerative colitis clinical study; with data expected in Q1 2018. Clinical report Nov 13, 2017 263
Arena Pharmaceuticals Achieves Full Enrollment in Clinical Study of Etrasimod for Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis. Clinical report Nov 13, 2017 290
Clinical Impact of Sphingosine-1-Phosphate in Breast Cancer. Tsuchida, Junko; Nagahashi, Masayuki; Takabe, Kazuaki; Wakai, Toshifumi Report Jan 1, 2017 6707
A Role of the ABCC4 Gene Polymorphism in Airway Inflammation of Asthmatics. Palikhe, Sailesh; Uuganbayar, Udval; Trinh, Hoang Kim Tu; Ban, Ga-Young; Yang, Eun-Mi; Park, Hae-Sim Report Jan 1, 2017 5204
FTY720 Attenuates Angiotensin II-Induced Podocyte Damage via Inhibiting Inflammatory Cytokines. Su, Ke; Zeng, Ping; Liang, Wei; Luo, Zhengyu; Wang, Yiman; Lv, Xifeng; Han, Qi; Yan, Miao; Chen, Che Report Jan 1, 2017 8462
The Role of Sphingosine-1-Phosphate and Ceramide-1-Phosphate in Inflammation and Cancer. Hait, Nitai C.; Maiti, Aparna Report Jan 1, 2017 14081
Nuclear Translocation of SGPP-1 and Decrease of SGPL-1 Activity Contribute to Sphingolipid Rheostat Regulation of Inflammatory Dendritic Cells. Schwiebs, Anja; Thomas, Dominique; Kleuser, Burkhard; Pfeilschifter, Josef M.; Radeke, Heinfried H. Report Jan 1, 2017 5680
Effects of FTY720 on Lung Injury Induced by Hindlimb Ischemia Reperfusion in Rats. Wang, Liangrong; Chen, Feifei; Pan, Yafei; Lin, Lina; Xiong, Xiangqing Report Jan 1, 2017 4909
Paradoxical Association of Postoperative Plasma Sphingosine-1-Phosphate with Breast Cancer Aggressiveness and Chemotherapy. Ramanathan, Rajesh; Raza, Ali; Sturgill, Jamie; Lyon, Debra; Young, Jessica; Hait, Nitai C.; Takabe, Report Jan 1, 2017 4738
Beyond Immune Cell Migration: The Emerging Role of the Sphingosine-1-phosphate Receptor S1PR4 as a Modulator of Innate Immune Cell Activation. Olesch, Catherine; Ringel, Christian; Brune, Bernhard; Weigert, Andreas Report Jan 1, 2017 9309
S1P Provokes Tumor Lymphangiogenesis via Macrophage-Derived Mediators Such as IL-1[beta] or Lipocalin-2. Syed, Shahzad N.; Jung, Michaela; Weigert, Andreas; Brune, Bernhard Report Jan 1, 2017 9539
S1P Lyase Regulation of Thymic Egress and Oncogenic Inflammatory Signaling. Kumar, Ashok; Zamora-Pineda, Jesus; Degagne, Emilie; Saba, Julie D. Report Jan 1, 2017 15391
Mouse Thyroid Gland Changes in Aging: Implication of Galectin-3 and Sphingomyelinase. Traina, Giovanna; Cataldi, Samuela; Siccu, Paola; Loreti, Elisabetta; Ferri, Ivana; Sidoni, Angelo; Report Jan 1, 2017 3293
Stress-Activated Degradation of Sphingolipids Regulates Mitochondrial Function and Cell Death in Yeast. Manzanares-Estreder, Sara; Pascual-Ahuir, Amparo; Proft, Markus Report Jan 1, 2017 7316
Lysosomes as Oxidative Targets for Cancer Therapy. Dielschneider, Rebecca F.; Henson, Elizabeth S.; Gibson, Spencer B. Report Jan 1, 2017 4856
4-Hydroxynonenal Contributes to Angiogenesis through a Redox-Dependent Sphingolipid Pathway: Prevention by Hydralazine Derivatives. Camare, Caroline; Vanucci-Bacque, Corinne; Auge, Nathalie; Pucelle, Melanie; Bernis, Corinne; Swiade Report Jan 1, 2017 6400
Differential S1P Receptor Profiles on M1--and M2-Polarized Macrophages Affect Macrophage Cytokine Production and Migration. Muller, Jan; von Bernstorff, Wolfram; Heidecke, Claus-Dieter; Schulze, Tobias Report Jan 1, 2017 5261
Detection of Urine Metabolites in a Rat Model of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome before and after Exercise. Shao, Changzhuan; Ren, Yiming; Wang, Zinan; Kang, Chenzhe; Jiang, Hongke; Chi, Aiping Report Jan 1, 2017 6486
Report Published: Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Receptor 1 - Pipeline Review, H1 2016. Jul 20, 2016 478
Reinforced Epithelial Barrier Integrity via Matriptase Induction with Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Did Not Result in Disturbances in Physiological Redox Status. Paszti-Gere, E.; Jerzsele, A.; Balla, P.; Ujhelyi, G.; Szekacs, A. Jan 1, 2016 5040
Inhibition of ceramide de novo synthesis ameliorates diet induced skeletal muscles insulin resistance. Kurek, Krzysztof; Miklosz, Agnieszka; Aukaszuk, Bartlomiej; Chabowski, Adrian; Gorski, Jan; Zendzian Jan 1, 2015 5878
Sphingosine-1-phosphate/S1P receptors signaling modulates cell migration in human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Kong, Yaxian; Wang, Hong; Lin, Tao; Wang, Shuling Report Jan 1, 2014 5769
OCH ameliorates bone marrow failure in mice via downregulation of T-bet expression. Qiao, Xiaohong; Xie, Xiaotian; Shi, Wei; Tang, Jinqing; Shao, Yuexia; Li, Fuxing Report Jan 1, 2014 4867
Burnt sugar may harbour muscular dystrophy cure. Aug 2, 2013 356
Preanalytical aspects and sample quality assessment in metabolomics studies of human blood. Yin, Peiyuan; Peter, Andreas; Franken, Holger; Zhao, Xinjie; Neukamm, Sabine S.; Rosenbaum, Lars; Lu Report May 1, 2013 5801
Lpath Inc awarded two patents in Europe and one patent in the US for anti-cancer drug programme. Mar 25, 2013 218
Lpath Inc awarded two patents in Europe and one patent in the US for anti-cancer drug programme. Mar 25, 2013 214
L-carnitine attenuates angiotensin II-induced proliferation of cardiac fibroblasts: role of NADPH oxidase inhibition and decreased sphingosine-1-phosphate generation. Abstract Mar 1, 2013 216
Quantification of globotriaosylsphingosine in plasma and urine of fabry patients by stable isotope ultraperformance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Gold, Henrik; Mirzaian, Mina; Dekker, Nick; Ferraz, Maria Joao; Lugtenburg, Johan; Codee, Jeroen D.C Report Mar 1, 2013 5545
PPAR[gamma] networks in cell signaling: update and impact of cyclic phosphatidic acid. Tsukahara, Tamotsu Report Jan 1, 2013 4348
Clues to muscle stem cell functions offer hope to Duchenne MD patients. May 28, 2012 728
Role of the sphingosine rheostat in the regulation of cnidarian - dinoflagellate symbioses. Detournay, Olivier; Weis, Virginia M. Report Dec 1, 2011 4597
Emerging oral therapies for multiple sclerosis. Miller, Colleen E.; Umhauer, Margaret A. Report Feb 1, 2011 7701
Beyond obesity: the diagnosis and pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome. Gade, Wayne; Schmit, Jessica; Collins, Melissa; Gade, Jean Report Jan 1, 2010 5243
Pinoresinol-4,4'-di-O-[beta]-D-glucoside from Valeriana officinalis root stimulates calcium mobilization and chemotactic migration of mouse embryo fibroblasts. Do, Kee Hun; Choi, Young Whan; Kim, Eun Kyoung; Yun, Sung Ji; Kim, Min Sung; Lee, Sun Young; Ha, Jun Report Jun 1, 2009 4732
Saving fertility for cancer survivors? D.C. Brief Article Jun 30, 2001 174

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