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Spherely absurd; Kids crack the PC code, get the candy.

COLUMN: In our opinion

A Seattle elementary school teacher supposedly told a teenage volunteer that she could fill plastic Easter eggs with candy for a third-grade classroom, as long as she called them "spring spheres."

The politically correct, geometrically askew incident hasn't been confirmed. The volunteer mentioned it on a call-in radio show, and didn't name the school or give her full name. The teenager did say she decided to "roll with" the ruling, because she really wanted to hand out the treats - which the delighted kids, who say the darnedest things, promptly dubbed "Easter eggs."

Our guess is this really happened.

The Seattle school district, in response to publicity, reiterated on its website its policy on religious holiday celebrations. The policy, approved in 1983, states that "no religious belief or non-belief should be promoted by the School District or its employees, and none should be disparaged."

The district's website doesn't tease out the finer points of geometry, but if the teacher had called the items in question "ovoids," ridicule might have been avoided. "Oviform objects" might also have been less objectionable. Clearly, the teacher didn't over-think this nomenclature emergency hard enough, and the city of Seattle has been in proverbial hot water ever since.

We like our eggs - excuse us, "Easter ellipticals" - boiled, scrambled, or once over easy, except for the one day a year when the preferred presentation is pastel, whether nestled in a basket or hidden in the grass. And we think schools getting all bent out of shape over the word "Easter" is for eggheads.
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Date:Apr 24, 2011
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