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The label printing industry has been facing big changes in recent years. Decreasing run lengths and shorter delivery times form significant challenges for label printers. To meet chose challenges SPGPrints has developed the DSI (Digital System Inkjet); thanks to input of its extensive customer base in rotary screen printing and its experience of over 4.000 inkjet systems installed worldwide.

Edward Scheppink, Managing Director SPGPrints America Inc.:

"The latest-generation DSI digital label printer brings at least two crucial benefits to label printing companies. Printers can carry out increasingly complex print jobs more cost-effectively than with traditional methods, plus they are also fully prepared to meet changing market demands in the years to come."

The keyword to meet those rapidly changing demands is modularity. For starters there's modularity in the DSI configuration: printers can make a choice for either a stand-alone platform with digital printing, or go for a complete digital printing line with in-line (semi-rotary) converting, such as die-cutting and slitting. The user-friendly interface allows printers to print and convert in one single pass, without stopping .11111 the machine and thus without losing production time. Needless to say this benefits the TCO per printed label.

Secondly, there's modularity in print positions. The DSI comes with four print heads as standard, although an additional six can be added to enable options like digital white, giving a screen printing look and feel. Another option is digital primer which gives you the possibility and flexibility to print onto any substrate. Plus: priming and printing take place in a single pass without compromising press speed. Furthermore, printers can extend their color gamut by adding the colors orange and violet. This way 90 percent of the Pantone color book comes within range. Digital varnish or a third extra spot color are possibilities for the other print positions. All these options are possible on the same machine, so no forklift upgrade is necessary

Last but not least, there's modularity in printing widths, ranging from 135 mm to the standard 330 to as wide as 530 mm.

The DSI is therefore 'geared for the future'. For instance, a customer can start with a CMYK configuration on a 200 mm print width and upgrade later, with the same machine, to a 330 mm wide machine with 10 print positions.

With the DSI there is limited time required to set up the press, no, substrate waste whatsoever, and perfect registration every time. As there's no need for plates or anilox rollers or set-up time, printers can obtain significant cost and time savings.

Volume wise, the DSI offers an increasingly attractive alternative to fiexo-printing. The economies of scale are clearly visible for smaller, straightforward jobs. However, it also makes sense to use the DSI for more complex and higher-volume jobs.

Crucially - and unlike many other digital inkjet printing systems which also offer these kinds of benefits - the DSI can handle extra complexity. By using, for example, digital white or additional colors (Orange and Violet) in the extra print positions available, you can tackle a much wider range of applications. SPGPrints is essentially pushing the 'boundary' between digital and conventional printing fiirther into medium- and in some cases high-volume territory.

Label Industry GLOBAL AWARDS 2012


Label Industry Award for Continuous Innovation

Stork Prints is the proud winner of the 2012 Label Industry Global Award for Continuous Innovation
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