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Studsvik to treat spent nuclear fuel from Norwegian research reactor. Jan 28, 2021 174
Studsvik to treat spent nuclear fuel from Norwegian research reactor. Jan 28, 2021 175
KoA!arac: BiH CoM appoints expert and legal team on the Trgovska gora issue. Oct 29, 2020 445
Modified Trends in Energy Sustainability. Sep 30, 2020 687
Robot to get Dounreay data; Nuclear: Technology to capture first images from inside site for decades. JOHN ROSS Sep 8, 2020 378
Multiphysics Modeling and Validation of Spent Fuel Isotopics Using Coupled Neutronics/Thermal-Hydraulics Simulations. Price, Dean; Radaideh, Majdi I.; Mui, Travis; Katare, Mihir; Kozlowski, Tomasz Aug 31, 2020 5927
Methodology for Hydrogeochemical Sampling to Characterise Groundwaters in Crystalline Bedrock: Developments Made within the Swedish Radwaste Programme. Nilsson, Ann-Chatrin; Gimeno, Marla J.; Tullborg, Eva-Lena; Smellie, John; Jonsson, Stig; Puigdomene Aug 31, 2020 9048
Effect of Deposit on the Evaporation Rate of Adhered Salt in Uranium Dendrite. Kwo, Sang Woon; Park, Si Woo; Lee, Sung Jai Jul 31, 2020 2851
Trgovska gora problem - Coordinating Body to address Tegeltija. Jul 15, 2020 261
BiH expert team to fight against waste disposal on Trgovska gora formed. Jun 3, 2020 475
Granite wins site work project worth USD245m in Idaho. Apr 21, 2020 206
Experimental Approaches for Manufacturing of Simulated Cladding and Simulated Fuel Rod for Mechanical Decladder. Kim, Young-Hwan; Cho, Yung-Zun; Hur, Jin-Mok Mar 1, 2020 5715
Croatia has no plans to build nuclear but radioactive waste landfill. Feb 10, 2020 443
Role of 3D imaging in managing spent fuel stored under water. Jan 6, 2020 618
Ignace last remaining northern community in running for nuclear waste repository. Jan 1, 2020 297
Investigation of the Equivalent Test Condition for the Seismic Safety Assessment of a Spent Fuel Pool with regard to Sloshing Behavior. Park, Won Man; Son, Sung Man; Choi, Dae Kyung; Oh, Se Hong; Lee, Kang Hee; Kang, Heung Seok; Choi, C Dec 31, 2019 5131
Transmutations of Long-Lived and Medium-Lived Fission Products Extracted from CANDU and PWR Spent Fuels in an Accelerator-Driven System. Arslan, Alper Bugra; Yilmaz, Ilayda; Bakir, Gizem; Yapici, Huseyin Nov 30, 2019 6272
Study on Transmutation of Minor Actinides as Burnable Poison in VVER-1000 Fuel Assembly. Tran, Vinh Thanh; Tran, Hoai-Nam; Nguyen, Huu Tiep; Hoang, Van-Khanh; Ha, Pham Nhu Viet Nov 30, 2019 7004
Spent fuel of Kudankulam Nuclear plant to be stored far from reactor: Jitendra Singh. ANI Nov 20, 2019 306
Goodbye, Three Mile Island. Sep 21, 2019 107
Final nuke fuel flask leaves site; END OF AN ERA - AND JOBS - AT WYLFA. Sep 20, 2019 571
Last nuclear fuel flask leaves Wylfa. Sep 19, 2019 630
Armenia's Metsamor NPP continues to threaten region. Sep 3, 2019 592
Engineering Design of a Mechanical Decladder for Spent Nuclear Rod-Cuts. Kim, Young-Hwan; Cho, Yung-Zun; Lee, Young-Soon; Hur, Jin-Mok Aug 31, 2019 6473
How Trade War may hand a bigger Bite to Nuclear Spent Fuel Market. Aug 29, 2019 657
Skanska signs EUR45m contract to build an encapsulation plant in Olkiluoto, Finland. Jul 1, 2019 208
Skanska signs EUR45m contract to build an encapsulation plant in Olkiluoto, Finland. Jul 1, 2019 209
TN parties oppose nuclear fuel storage facility in K'kulam plant. Jun 15, 2019 295
The Forecasting of Corrosion Damage of Structural Materials during Dry Long-Term Storage of RD BN-350 SNF with CC-19 SFA. Koyanbayev, Ye.T.; Skakov, M.K.; Batyrbekov, E.G.; Deryavko, I.I.; Sapatayev, Ye. Ye.; Kozhahmetov, Apr 30, 2019 5254
Simulation of the Thermal Conditions of Cask with Fuel Assemblies of BN-350 Reactor for Dry Storage. Koyanbayev, Ye.T.; Skakov, M.K.; Ganovichev, D.A.; Martynenko, Ye.A.; Sitnikov, A.A. Apr 30, 2019 2759
Grab updates transport policy to reduce unreasonable cancellations. Apr 30, 2019 711
Entergy Agrees to Post-Shutdown Sale of Indian Point Nuke Plant to Holtec International. Apr 18, 2019 985
Entergy Agrees to Post-Shutdown Sale of Indian Point Nuke Plant to Holtec International. Apr 18, 2019 992
Entergy to sell subsidiaries to a Holtec International subsidiary. Apr 16, 2019 240
Storage of nuclear waste becoming a 'global crisis'. Feb 1, 2019 473
Former NRC Chief Says San Onofre's Waste may never be Moved. Aug 3, 2018 622
Entergy agrees to post-shutdown sale of Pilgrim, Palisades nuclear plants. Aug 1, 2018 184
Canisters Stoke Fears of Nuclear Waste Accident at San Onofre. Jul 5, 2018 569
Supreme Court Grants Four More Years for Kudankulam to Construct Waste Tank. Jul 5, 2018 668
Ratification of int'l conventions needed in PH nuclear framework. Jun 16, 2018 562
NRA Gives Approval to 70-Year Plan to Decommission Tokai Plant. Jun 14, 2018 379
House: No Nuclear Waste Storage near Great Lakes. May 31, 2018 449
European Commission Refers Three Countries to Court for Failure to Notify on Nuclear Waste. May 31, 2018 232
UAE's FANR and China's NNSA to cooperate on nuclear. May 27, 2018 280
UAE and Chinese nuclear regulators sign MoU. May 24, 2018 296
IAEA to host meeting on radioactive wast Mon. May 17, 2018 205
BiH CoM and Croatian Government's joint session conclusions on Trgovska gora. May 15, 2018 323
House OKs bill to revive Nevada nuclear waste dump. May 11, 2018 251
Texas Consolidated Nuclear Waste Storage Facility to be Revived. Patel, Sonal Apr 11, 2018 692
NY Legislator Reed Sees Progress in Federal Cleanup at Nuclear Waste Site. Advance, Ripon Apr 11, 2018 395
Nuclear Waste from Australia's only Reactor Ready to be Dumped. Brown, Michelle Apr 11, 2018 445
IAEA awards South Korean robot for spent fuel inspection. Mar 12, 2018 382
MHI Completes Investment in Orano (formerly "New AREVA Holding"). Feb 28, 2018 669
First Transfer of Nuclear Waste Made at San Onofre. Feb 19, 2018 559
EDF Plans New Central Storage Site for Nuclear Waste. Feb 19, 2018 371
Blind River, Elliot Lake not in Running for Nuclear Waste Facility. Dec 22, 2017 492
Russia Takes Action to Clean Up Soviet Era Nuclear Waste. Dec 8, 2017 742
Mainz Physicists Propose Method for Monitoring Nuclear Waste. Dec 8, 2017 301
Iran nuclear talks with EU are successful - Iranian official. Nov 23, 2017 112
NARUC, Other Energy Organizations Urge Congress to Fund Nuclear Waste Program. Nov 2, 2017 200
Maine Looks to Trump Administration for Answers as Climate Change Fuels Fears. Nov 2, 2017 924
Coastal Commission 'Sympathetic' but Defends 2015 SONGS Nuclear Waste Permit. Nikolewski, Rob Oct 21, 2017 706
Twenty Years Later, Nuclear Waste still at Maine Yankee. Hamilton, Gina Oct 21, 2017 522
Greenpeace warns France, Belgium on threats to nuclear fuel stocks. Oct 10, 2017 330
Legislation Introduced Aimed at Easing Cost of Managing Nuclear Waste. Pilon, Matt Oct 7, 2017 185
Edison Proceeds with Plans to Bury Nuclear Waste at San Onofre Site. John, Alison St. Sep 22, 2017 609
First load of nuclear waste from Andreeva Bay arrives in Mayak. Nilsen, Thomas Sep 4, 2017 627
Dhaka to sign accord on spent nuclear fuel. Aug 28, 2017 440
Community misses out on 'cash bonanza' as Sizewell B spent fuel not called nuclear waste. Crornwell, Richard Aug 11, 2017 398
A new destination for Oak Ridge nuclear waste may require Far shipment. Jul 28, 2017 347
Citizens ask about spent nuclear fuel storage, closure of palisades plant in Michigan. Jul 28, 2017 767
Czech Republic: Brussels calls for Czech Strategy for radioactive waste. Jul 28, 2017 429
Entergy says Feds are fifty years behind on nuclear waste. Jul 7, 2017 500
Bill would Revive Nuclear waste repository. Jul 7, 2017 330
Christchurch company to help tackle nuclear waste problem. Jul 7, 2017 315
Russia begins cleaning up Soviets' top-secret nuclear waste dump. Jul 7, 2017 912
Storage of nuclear waste poses threat to U.S., scientists warn. Simpson, Ian Jun 7, 2017 406
Oyster Creek going away, but not its radioactive waste. Oglesby, Amanda Jun 7, 2017 469
Activist in exile says Norway's nuclear waste support is irresponsible. Nilsen, Thomas Jun 7, 2017 1153
Holtec applies for permit to store San Onofre's nuclear waste in New Mexico. John, Alison St. May 19, 2017 374
Nuclear waste removal begins in Andreeva Bay storage tanks. Nilsen, Thomas May 19, 2017 752
San Clemente residents pressure Coastal Commission to move nuclear waste. May 5, 2017 265
Auf dem Weg in die Endlagerung die Notwendigkeit der langfristigen Zwischenlagerung hoch radioaktiver Abfalle. Budelmann, Harald; Nucci, Maria Rosaria Di; Losada, Ana Maria Isidoro; Kohnke, Dennis; Reichardt, Ma May 1, 2017 2583
Waste no one wants: lawmakers must overcome the "not in my backyard" mentality to find a site for the nation's nuclear waste. Meehan, Katie May 1, 2017 1994
Idaho officials seek end run on nuclear waste regulation. Apr 21, 2017 325
Court rules in favor of Pilgrim's Nuclear waste permit. Apr 21, 2017 761
Activists plead with officials to prevent waste from being buried at San Onofre. Apr 21, 2017 259
Russia plans large nuclear transport vessel with unclear mission. Apr 21, 2017 621
West Texas nuclear waste project on hold -- for now. Apr 19, 2017 968
Trump plans to revive nuclear waste options axed by Obama in 2010. Apr 6, 2017 594
Edison agrees to negotiate new home for nuclear waste from San Onofre. Apr 6, 2017 751
Syracuse officials wonder about route of nuclear waste from Canada. Apr 6, 2017 304
Plans underway for disposal of nuclear waste when Indian point plant closes. Apr 6, 2017 375
Russia to build ships for nuclear waste along northern sea route. Apr 6, 2017 551
Legislators aim to move nuclear waste from san onofre, urge patience. Feb 15, 2017 818
Experimental nuclear energy reactor to be razed. Jan 30, 2017 527
Trump energy pick Perry pushed to store nuclear waste in his own state. Jan 17, 2017 646
Conaway introduces Bill to add more types of Nuke waste in Andrews. Jan 17, 2017 503
North Korea Has Large Plutonium Stockpile. Jan 12, 2017 364
Feasibility Studies on Pyro-SFR Closed Fuel Cycle and Direct Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Line with the Latest National Policy and Strategy of Korea. Khan, Muhammad Minhaj; Lee, Jae Min; Cheong, Jae Hak; Whang, Joo Ho Report Jan 1, 2017 12278
Nuclear Waste Management Decision-Making Support with MCDA. Schwenk-Ferrero, A.; Andrianov, A. Report Jan 1, 2017 13903
Engineering Design of a Voloxidizer with a Double Reactor for the Hull Separation of Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods. Kim, Young-Hwan; Cho, Yung-Zun; Lee, Jae-Won; Lee, Ju-Hoo; Jeon, Sang-Chae; Ahn, Do-Hee Report Jan 1, 2017 4543
Experimental Study on RFID Antenna Reading Areas in a Tunnel System. Kordelin, Kai; Kordelin, Jaana; Johansson, Markku; Virkki, Johanna; Ukkonen, Leena; Sydanheimo, Laur Report Jan 1, 2017 5378
Trump pick perry pushed to store nuclear waste in his state of Texas. Dec 26, 2016 646
Michigan politician introduces legislation for recycling nuclear waste. Dec 26, 2016 222
Southwest Michigan's nuclear waste has no where to go. Dec 26, 2016 1013
Judge says lawsuit about San Onofre storage plans can move forward. August, JW Nov 30, 2016 560
Bill on independent nuclear waste body drafted. Wei-han, Chen Nov 30, 2016 458
NRC solicit public opinion on West Texas site becoming waste dump. Nov 14, 2016 634
Feds to pay Dairyland $73.5 million in nuclear settlement. Oct 31, 2016 324
Ukraine to stop paying Russia for nuclear waste disposal. Oct 31, 2016 281
U.S. owes Entergy $13 Million more for breach on fuel. Oct 13, 2016 537
Spokesman: AEOI Experts Observing High Safety Standards. Oct 3, 2016 451
Moniz: U.S. nuclear waste backlog eased by private disposal. Sep 30, 2016 644
Plan surfaces for new nuclear disposal ground in South Carolina. Sep 30, 2016 756
Protests spur review of deep borehole test for nuclear waste. Sep 30, 2016 508
Russia's nuclear waste storage, reprocessing technology set world safety standards. Sep 30, 2016 432
Spent nuclear fuel still a danger to man. Sep 22, 2016 184
Challenge to nuclear waste facility heads to trial in Massachusetts. Aug 31, 2016 476
Yankee atomic in Massachusetts seeks federal compensation for waste storage. Aug 31, 2016 723
China: thousands in eastern Chinese city protest nuclear waste project. Aug 31, 2016 712
North Korea says it has resumed plutonium production. Aug 17, 2016 126
North Korea says it has resumed plutonium production -report. Aug 17, 2016 322
North Korea Resumes Plutonium Production. Aug 17, 2016 211
New North Carolina business makes concrete storage cases for nuclear waste. Aug 12, 2016 577
Kiev Borrows $260 million from US to build nuclear waste repository. Aug 12, 2016 183
Finland's deep geological repository on track to be world's first. Jul 29, 2016 492
Illinois congressman proposes fund to reimburse Zion for storing nuclear waste. Jul 14, 2016 372
License application for Andrews nuclear waste site missing key safety, security details. Jul 14, 2016 402
Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Casks, Update 2016 - New Study Released. Report Jul 12, 2016 370
Ruling will keep nuclear waste at Prairie Island indefinitely. Jun 24, 2016 425
Vermont has voice in national debate on nuclear waste. Jun 24, 2016 1031
Colorado and nation face 70,000-ton nuclear waste burden. Jun 3, 2016 679
Feedback sought on consent-based siting allowing reactors to move waste. Jun 3, 2016 720
Russia halts nuclear waste disposal from Ukraine. Jun 3, 2016 171
Korea releases first plan to build facility for spent nuclear fuel. Jun 3, 2016 321
A fatal error has occurred. Oppenheimer, Andy Jun 1, 2016 2435
DOE sued for $40 million over nuclear waste storage. May 24, 2016 399
Waste Control Specialists submits application to operate storage unit in West Texas. May 6, 2016 634
West Texas Site Applies for Nuke Waste License. Apr 28, 2016 922
Talen Generation seeks to build waste storage facility addition in PA. Apr 22, 2016 436
Holtec proposes nuclear waste storage in New Mexico. Apr 22, 2016 265
Disposal and decommissioning of EU's 16 nuclear nations leaves funds in deficit. Apr 22, 2016 533
Fennovoima still looking for final nuclear waste disposal site. Apr 22, 2016 344
Nuclear-waste transport study draws little comment from Diablo Canyon neighbors. Apr 4, 2016 580
Nuclear waste store opened at Sizewell B power station. Apr 4, 2016 422
Idaho National Laboratory researcher receives award for work on nuclear waste. Mar 17, 2016 658
Xcel customers to see refund in nuclear waste storage settlement. Mar 17, 2016 371
Taipower still hopes to ship spent fuel overseas for reprocessing. Mar 17, 2016 384
People looking at EBRD's work. Feb 7, 2016 120
Leahy: New effort for nuclear waste site offers no quick solution. Jan 26, 2016 634
DOE team crafting strategy for moving, storing nuclear waste. Oct 26, 2015 869
EU ready to help Iran with nuclear safety. Oct 26, 2015 167
Former Idaho governor sues DOE to force disclosure on nuclear waste plan. Oct 2, 2015 406
Entergy asks Vermont to shelve activist's comments. Oct 2, 2015 395
Norwegian officials hamper swift cleanup of old Russian nuke sub base. Oct 2, 2015 490
San Diego supervisors agree to ask Feds to remove nuclear waste from San Onofre. Sep 18, 2015 501
Ameren begins moving waste to central Missouri site. Sep 18, 2015 497
Bulgaria adopts updated nuclear waste treatment strategy. Sep 18, 2015 137
Nuclear waste showdown between DOE and INL gathers momentum. Aug 28, 2015 312
French nuclear waste plan irks germans near site; Questions arise about decision process. Aug 10, 2015 824
Vermont seeks to challenge NRC ruling on nuclear plant's waste funds. Jun 29, 2015 417
Activists calling Idaho National Laboratory study inadequate. Jun 29, 2015 611
Taipower defends plan to send waste overseas despite criticism. Jun 18, 2015 537
Senior Diplomat: Transfer of Iran's Spent Fuel to Russia Not on Agenda. May 15, 2015 616
Idaho nuclear scientists say nuclear rods can be safely studied. May 15, 2015 626
Senator Markey: Pilgrim plant has too much nuclear waste. Apr 17, 2015 337
Deep borehole disposal has many advantages say Sheffield scientists. Apr 17, 2015 653
Bipartisan senators group proposes new independent nuclear waste agency. Apr 2, 2015 523
Saskatchewan to remain nuclear waste free. Apr 2, 2015 473
Idaho: the U.S. wants us to be a "nuclear waste dump". Zuckerman, Laura Mar 20, 2015 312
Taipower's offshore nuclear waste processing plan blocked. Mar 20, 2015 470
Fort Calhoun nuclear waste needs a home. Mar 4, 2015 425
Dallas company wants to store U.S. nuclear waste in Texas. Feb 12, 2015 369
Texas Site Wants Nation's Spent Nuclear Fuel. Feb 9, 2015 1329
Idaho nuclear waste deal blasted by ex-governors. Jan 22, 2015 645
TEPCO Removes Spent Fuel At 1st Of 4 Fukushima Reactors. Dec 22, 2014 317
Laguna residents oppose nuclear waste storage at San Onofre. Dec 19, 2014 719
Entergy will seek loan for spent fuel costs. Dec 12, 2014 609
Laguna Beach residents criticize San Onofre clean up. Dec 12, 2014 449
India generates four tons/ GW nuclear waste per year. Dec 12, 2014 247
Bulgaria May Lose EUR 12 M Used for Expansion of Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Unit. Dec 8, 2014 293
Panel dismisses contentions over nuclear waste storage at Indian Point, NY. Nov 20, 2014 444
South Korea plans advanced reactor to burn spent nuclear fuel. Nov 7, 2014 598
Russia's Far East no longer home to any spent nuclear fuel. Nov 7, 2014 458
Yucca Mountain gets green light from NRC. Oct 24, 2014 879
Entergy chooses SAFSTOR for decommissioning of Vermont Yankee. Oct 24, 2014 377
Nuclear waste piles up and South Korea faces storage crisis. Oct 24, 2014 805
Spent nuclear fuel to be transported from Uzbekistan to Russia. Oct 17, 2014 213
South Korea running out of space for nuclear waste. Aug 29, 2014 434
Final NRC rule to replace nuclear waste confidence decision is coming soon. Aug 8, 2014 396
U.S. energy secretary defends possible German nuclear waste imports. Aug 8, 2014 444
Vermont Yankee plant seeks to stop emergency planning payments. Aug 8, 2014 453
Don't send your nuclear waste to us; LETTERS. Jul 30, 2014 244
Nations tackle nuclear waste storage challenge in varying ways. Jul 25, 2014 562
Outcry prompts expedited plan to move fuel at Kewaunee plant. Jul 9, 2014 941
Methods for calculation of evaporation from swimming pools and other water surfaces. Shah, Mirza Mohammed Report Jul 1, 2014 10795
Experts disagree on long term implications of storage of high burnup fuel. Jun 19, 2014 860
US power plants now preparing long-term nuclear waste storage facilities. Jun 3, 2014 824
NRC rejects requests to speed up moving of spent fuel from pools. Jun 3, 2014 268
Waste worries nuke plants; On-site storage keeps growing. Melia, Michael May 27, 2014 828
Vermont wants Entergy to continue emergency planning. May 20, 2014 503
Taiwan in talks with China, France for nuclear waste deals. May 20, 2014 415
Russia, Uzbekistan to sign agreement on spent nuclear fuel. Apr 9, 2014 156
Study: shale could be long-term home for nuclear waste. Mar 20, 2014 509
Texas county officials express interest in building nuclear waste storage facility. Mar 20, 2014 593
PAEC designs long-term storage facilities for spent fuel. Brief article Feb 23, 2014 230
PAEC designs long term storage facilities for spent fuel. Feb 16, 2014 306
PAEC designs long term storage facilities for spent fuel. Feb 12, 2014 306
Nuclear fuel storage remains safe, NRC panel members say. Feb 3, 2014 524
Three permanent disposal sites in Europe by 2025. Feb 3, 2014 566
Experience with material and social technology transfers in a field of spent nuclear fuel final geological disposal (from a point of view of structuration theory). Mihok, Peter Jan 1, 2014 7779
Two GOP House members ask Moniz for information on spent nuclear fuel. Dec 27, 2013 241
San Clemente City Council okays resolution to remove spent nuclear fuel rods. Dec 27, 2013 386
Riverkeeper to New Yorkers: tell NRC to take responsibility for waste dumps. Dec 13, 2013 529
ARPANSA issus licenses for Lucas Heights site and construction. Dec 13, 2013 195
Users must solve radioactive waste problem, Macfarlane tells reporters in Tokyo visit. Dec 13, 2013 611
Court of Federal Claims awards $235.4 million in damages to three owners of nuclear plants. Dec 3, 2013 403
NRC extends deadline for comments on spent nuclear fuel proposed rule. Nov 18, 2013 327
DTE Energy Co. joins lawsuit against U.S. Department of Energy. Oct 24, 2013 295
Majority of American favor development of permanent repository, NEI poll shows. Oct 15, 2013 487
D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals questions DOE on collection of nuclear waste fund. Oct 15, 2013 444
NRC schedules 12 meetings on storage of nuclear fuel rule. Oct 1, 2013 603
Environmental groups call for stopping plans to ship nuclear fuel from Scotland to SRS. Sep 16, 2013 497
Position paper opposes using SRS as site for future nuclear fuel storage. Aug 29, 2013 300
Long-range shutdown of Vermont nuke plant creates new concerns. Aug 29, 2013 599
Shale, clay-rich rock formations may offer disposal locations for spent nuclear fuel. Aug 12, 2013 430
NRC requests comments on study on removal of spent reactor fuel. Jul 19, 2013 140
Spent fuel pool. Jul 19, 2013 369
Recently published market study, "Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Storage Casks", now available. Jun 26, 2013 493
NRC amending security regulations on transport of spent nuclear fuel. Jun 18, 2013 196
EPRI will lead multi-year research project on safe storage of spent nuclear fuel. May 29, 2013 362
Entergy shareholders reject New York State Comptroller storage proposals. May 29, 2013 375
EPRI will lead multi-year research project on safe storage of spent nuclear fuel. May 15, 2013 362
Russia. Conference notes May 15, 2013 464
Wyden criticizes administration on funding for research on nuclear waste storage. May 1, 2013 454
OSU researcher invents method to use spent nuclear fuel to produce gamma rays. May 1, 2013 499
South Korea. Apr 16, 2013 397
Cooling system of Fukushima plant's No. 3 spent fuel pool stops. Apr 8, 2013 180
UPDATE2: Cooling of Fukushima plant's No. 3 spent fuel pool stops for 3 hours. Apr 8, 2013 251
Storage timeline threatens environment. Chronology Apr 1, 2013 429
UPDATE2: Fukushima plant's spent fuel pool cooling system partially restored. Mar 25, 2013 405
UPDATE4: TEPCO restores Fukushima plant's spent fuel pool cooling system. Mar 25, 2013 512
Rat suspected of causing power problem at Fukushima plant. Mar 25, 2013 221
Armenia ratifies Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management. Mar 21, 2013 377
Fukushima nuke plant''s fuel pool cooling system partially resumed. Mar 19, 2013 336
Fukushima nuke plant''s fuel pool cooling system remains suspended. Mar 19, 2013 336
Wyden hopes to have draft nuclear waste management measure shortly. Mar 18, 2013 463
SRS is prime potential location for interim storage of spent nuclear fuel. Mar 18, 2013 470
Waste from reprocessed spent nuclear fuel arrives in Japan. Mar 4, 2013 198
Russia. Mar 1, 2013 350
Nuke IMBYism. Belanger, J. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 284
Thermal assessment of new Ignalina NPP casks for spent nuclear fuel storage at some abnormal conditions/Naujuju Ignalinos AE panaudoto branduolinio kuro saugojimo konteineriu siluminis ivertinimas tam tikromis nenormaliomis salygomis. Simonis, V.; Ragaisis, V.; Smaizys, A. Report Mar 1, 2013 6239
NRC asking public for input on spent nuclear fuel storage. Jan 31, 2013 419
24 national, local environment groups file documents on long-term storage. Jan 31, 2013 812
Atomic safety and licensing board will review Xcel Energy's extension request. Jan 14, 2013 537
Germany. Jan 14, 2013 490
Michigan Public Service Commission approves consumers energy proposal. Dec 20, 2012 258
PIIC to raise several key issues with atomic safety licensing board. Nov 8, 2012 519
No need to fear nuclear waste; Views of the North. Oct 1, 2012 399
NRC directs staff to develop EIS in response to appeals court ruling. Sep 27, 2012 659
Why Fukushima is a greater disaster than Chernobyl. Alvarez, Robert Sep 22, 2012 1173
Japan to maintain plan to seek spent fuel reprocessing at Rokkasho. Sep 17, 2012 409
UPDATE1: Japan to seek spent fuel reprocessing at Rokkasho. Sep 17, 2012 535
FOCUS: Reversing nuclear fuel recycle policy a thorny process for Japan. Sep 17, 2012 863
Japan. Sep 10, 2012 397
Aomori gov. calls for maintaining Japan's spent fuel policy. Aug 27, 2012 344
Has prism cracked the plutonium problem? Waste from spent nuclear fuel could be reused in a new type of reactor to generate electricity. Hibbert, Lee Cover story Aug 1, 2012 1882
TEPCO chairman calls for reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel. Jul 30, 2012 220
UCS calls for use of dry cast storage of spent fuel rods. Jul 13, 2012 894
The Eye was delighted to hear that the Museum. Jul 1, 2012 107
Panel member calls for withdrawal from reprocessing all spent fuel. Jun 11, 2012 371
Radionuclide and heat transport from hypothetical SNF canister in crystalline basement, case of south-eastern Lithuania/Radionuklidu ir silumos sklaida is hipotetinio PBK konteinerio kristalinio pamato uolienose (pietryciu Lietuvos pavyzdys). Jakimaviciute-Maseliene, Vaidote; Mazeika, Jonas; Motiejunas, Stasys Jun 1, 2012 5517
Combination of spent fuel reprocessing, disposal advantageous: panel. May 21, 2012 420
Weldor's torch ignites fire on complex that houses spend nuclear fuel. Apr 30, 2012 180
Spent fuel pool cooling system suspended at Fukushima Daiichi plant. Apr 16, 2012 110
Better multilateral collaboration on disposal of spent nuclear fuel could alleviate risks. Mar 26, 2012 413
How to store spent nuclear fuel. Lochbaum David Mar 22, 2012 493
Taiwan. Feb 27, 2012 310
New Material to Remove Radioactive Gas from Spent Nuclear Fuel. Jan 25, 2012 674
Improving spent - fuel storage at nuclear reactors: storing spent radioactive fuel in dry form rather than in increasingly jammed cooling pools is much safer, and can he done with already available funds. Alvarez, Robert Jan 1, 2012 3922
-Swedish AF to help store spent fuel at Forsmark nuclear plant. Dec 14, 2011 156
-Swedish AF to help store spent fuel at Forsmark nuclear plant. Dec 14, 2011 147
TEPCO study shows water level in spent fuel pool was dangerously low. Dec 5, 2011 399
NRC Chairman Jaczko seeks to reassure industry on nation's waste policy. Nov 23, 2011 664
Nuclear dilemmas. Belli, Brita Book review Nov 1, 2011 403
Taiwan's dry storage facility for spent nuclear fuel to be completed. Oct 31, 2011 404
Radiation 47 times higher than criteria detected from nuclear waste. Oct 17, 2011 267
Commission tackles nuclear waste. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 283
U.S. Energy Department to pay $35.5 million for failing to take Maryland waste. Sep 30, 2011 430
Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj has ruled out all negotiations with any international organization or country on storing nuclear waste in Mongolia. Sep 30, 2011 149
New EU directive on rad waste takes effect, calls for making information public. Sep 14, 2011 432
A group of protestors walking across the Saskatchewan province made it clear they want a ban on nuclear waste storage facilities and won't be satisfied until such a ban is signed into law. Aug 22, 2011 270
U.S. Rep. Robert J. Dold of Illinois has joined the chorus of voices pressing for the Obama administration to pursue Nevada's Yucca Mountain as the nation's permanent repository for spent nuclear fuel. Aug 22, 2011 177
The U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board will hold a public meeting in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, Sept. 13, and Wednesday, Sept. 14, to discuss the U.S. Department of Energy's plans for research and development on its Used Fuel Disposition Program. Aug 22, 2011 291
Blue-Ribbon panel calls for interim and permanent storage, fund set-asides. Aug 1, 2011 1455
U.S. senators push bill to create interim storage sites for high-level rad waste. Jul 13, 2011 705
Some thoughts on averting the ultimate global incendiary, nuclear war. Jul 12, 2011 1016
Dear EarthTalk: Why don't we reprocess and re-use our nuclear waste like France does? Jukowsky, Albert Jul 10, 2011 592

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