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Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual, XIII.

Prescott, Anne Lake and Thomas P. Roche, Jr., eds. Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual, XIII.

New York: AMS Press, 1999. vi + 296 pp. illus, index. $72.45. ISBN: 0-404-19213-0.

An annual "forum for Spenser scholarship and criticism and related Renaissance subjects," the selected essays cover innovative new treatments of The Shepheardes Calender, The Faerie Queene, Astrophel, and the View of the Present State of Ireland. Also included are shorter pieces under the categories of "Forum" (includeing responses to essays in prior issues) and "Gleanings" (brief notes of interest related to Spenser's works). Illustrated and indexed. Essays include: Nancy Lindheim, "The Virgilian Design of The Shepheardes Calender"; Sherri Geller, "You Can't Tell a Book by Its Contents: (Mis)Interpretation in/of Spenser's The Shepheardes Calender"; Lynette C. Black, "Prudence in Book II of The Faerie Queene"; Matthew A. Fike, "Spenser's Merlin Reconsidered"; Kenneth Gross, "Reflections on the Blatant Beast"; Maria R. Rohr Philmus, "The Case of the Spenserian Sonnet: A Curious Re-Creation"; Mark David Rasmussen, "Spenser's Plaintive Muses"; Craig Rustici, "Muiopotmos: Spenser's 'Complaint' against Aesthetics" ; Mary Joan Cook, "The Other Meaning of 'Bridal Day' in Spenser's Prothalamion"; Kenneth Borris, "Elizabethan Allegorical Epics: The Arcadias as Counterparts"; Stephen M. Buhler, "Pre-Christian Apologetics in Spenser and Sidney: Pagan Philosophy and the Process of Metanoia"; Chauncey Wood, "'With Wit My Wit is Marred': Reason, Wit, and Wittiness in Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophil and Stella"; Jean R. Brink, "Spenser and the Irish Question: Reply to Andrew Hadfield"; Carol Kaske, "The Word 'Checklaton' and the Authorship of A Vewe"; A. Kent Hieatt, "Male Boldness and Female Rights: What the Isle of Venus Proposes"; Tom Parker, "108 Uses of 108"; Elizabeth Porges Watson, "Mr. Fox's Mottoes in the House of Busirane."
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Title Annotation:Review
Publication:Renaissance Quarterly
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jun 22, 2000
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