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Spending gap pounds 100.

* SIR - Your correspondent Graham Simmonds quotes some interesting figures regarding Welsh Medium education, which put the figure at about pounds 400m a year. A staggering sum, I'm sure a lot of your readers will be thinking.

But the budget for education in total is close to pounds 2bn, so only about 20% is spent on Welsh Medium education. So although roughly 25% of children receive Welsh Medium education, only 20% of the money goes towards that education. I'm sure there are valid reasons for this, and I thank your Mr Simmonds for pointing it out for us, but it is a deficit that must be corrected.

Regarding the pounds 604 "funding deficit", I have calculated, from UK government figures, that over pounds 500 is due to the private finance initiative scheme used in England, but rejected in Wales, where capital expenditure is transferred to current expenditure (ie, in this case, taken directly from pupil education to pay huge guaranteed dividends to largely American investors).

So the funding gap is about pounds 100, which is not that bad, really, is it? SION JONES Abertawe
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 16, 2012
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