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Spendin' it.

I recently received my July issue of BOWHUNTING and was intrigued by the story near the back of the book, .44 Magnum Bowhunts. I recognized this article from last year. After reading it last year, I decided to spend some of my children's inheritance and book a trip to Africa based on one of the outfitters that you featured in the article. I liked the fact that you gave a fair assessment of the operation including low points as well as high points and a stress test rating. This was important to me since I would be spending several thousand dollars for a safari. I am happy to say that this spring I went on my safari and managed to harvest six trophies. In fact, the only animal on my list that I didn't shoot was a Kudu. After sitting in that blind and spending a couple of days on a photo safari with my wife, I have managed to come up with a whole new list to try for next time. So much for the kid's inheritance.

James Jones, Atlanta, GA
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Title Annotation:ReaderMail
Author:Jones, James
Publication:Petersen's Bowhunting
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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