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Spencer Repeating Firearms.

Spencer Repeating Firearms, published by Northwood Heritage Press and written by Roy M. Marcot, is a book that, in this writer's opinion, is much needed in the antique arms field, and has long been overdue. Thankfully, Roy Marcot has written a comprehensive, carefully researched volume that is sure to stand as the definitive work on Spencer firearms for a long time to come. This 316-page work is an excellent study of one of the most revolutionary firearms in history. Surprisingly, until the publication of this book, little has been written on the Spencer.

Now, historians and antique arms buffs can get in-depth information on the famous Spencer rifles and carbines of the 1860s, as well as material on many of Christopher M. Spencer's other firearms designs, including his little-known slide-action model of 1863, his later Model 1884 shotgun, the Roper repeater (which Spencer helped design), and other firearms designs. The text also gives a worthwhile accounting of this versatile arms inventor's life.

Christopher Spencer was a fascinating individual whose inventive career spanned from the time just prior to the American Civil War until the early 1920s. His inventions and interests and the gamut from repeating firearms to horseless carriages and from industrial screw machines to aviation! Spencer Repeating Firearms covers all of these fascinating areas within its pages, although it is primarily a firearms reference work. Marcot's research is based on primary source documents and precise historical data. His writing is easy to follow and informative.

The photography in this tome is especially noteworthy. Unlike so many efforts where fuzzy, hard-to-discern photos are used, the author has gathered an impressive collection of top-notch, clear and interesting photographs of collector's guns, which he has used profusely throughout the book. Also contained within its chapters are many original photos, patent drawings and contemporary artist's renderings. The entire book is attractively laid out, and Marcot's text and graphics combine to provide the reader with the most complete story of Christopher Spencer and his firearms.

This 8-1/2-inch by 11-inch hardcover volume was completed with the assistance of a grant from the Kinnucan Arms Chair, the research funding agency for the Winchester Museum of the Buffalo Bill Cody Historical Society in Cody, Wyoming. It has also been endorsed by the prestigious American Society of Arms Collectors. Printed on high quality stock by the Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas, who have produced some of today's finest firearms books, Spencer Repeating Firearms sells for $45 plus $3 postage and handling. It can be ordered from The Winchester Museum, Buffalo Bill Historical Cente, 3207 12th St., Dept. GA, Cody, WY 82414. This book is truly a scholastic achievement that should be appreciated by everyone in the historical firearms field.
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Author:Spangenberger, Phil
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 1, 1985
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