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Speedy scoop.

The scoop on frozen treats: A new vending machine takes just 45 seconds to deliver freshly made ice cream in one of 96 flavor combinations.

Traditionally, it can take hours to freeze a mixture of milk, sugar, and other ingredients into ice cream that's ready to eat. The MooBella machine churns it out quickly by spraying a thin layer of the ingredients onto a metal plate. The plate is chilled to a temperature below the mixture's freezing point, or the temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a solid. That way, the mixture freezes on the plate.

MooBella's method also ensures that the treat is soft and creamy. As ice cream freezes, ice crystals grow in the mixture. These crystals expand over time. A traditional ice cream maker breaks up growing crystals by mixing the ice cream as it cools.

Since MooBella ice cream freezes in an instant, only tiny crystals have time to grow. "Small ice crystals give ice cream a smooth texture," says Bruce Tharp, a dairy scientist and ice-cream industry consultant.
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Title Annotation:new ice cream vending machine
Author:Crane, Cody
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Date:May 8, 2006
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