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Speeding up pultrusion. (Materials).

Specifically designed for pultrusion, RTM, and SMC/BMC compounding applications, MoldX A3 flame retardant features a unique modified particle shape for reduced pulling forces, higher loadings, and faster line speeds in pultrusion, says the manufacturer, Huber Engineered Materials. Described as a product of the company's controlled function technology process, which couples customer need with specialty engineering practices, MoldX A3's morphology is said to allow for good viscosity control and wet-out at high loadings in all thermoset compounds.

J.M. Huber Corp., Huber Engineered Materials, 4401 Northside Pkwy., Suite 600, Atlanta, GA 30327; (866) JMHUBER; Fax (404) 949-1271;; e-mail:
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Title Annotation:J.M. Huber's flame retardant, US
Author:Blanco, Alice
Publication:Plastics Engineering
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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