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Speeding up identification of amino acids.

Analysing the amino acid composition of feedstuffs ensures that nutritionists provide a more precise feed formulation. A compact bench top analyser capable of rapidly analysing complex amino acids mixtures found in food and feedstuffs is available from Biochrom.

The Biochrom 32 is a 'load and go' system designed to run whole profiles of amino acids as well as short programmes enabling the user to rapidly analyse single amino acids.

Lysine is a limiting amino acid in cereal grains and some vegetable protein sources. Improvement of animal performance through better amino acid balance, better carcass quality and prevention of lysine deficiency are some of the benefits associated with the right lysine content in the animal diet. Feedstuff that has low levels of lysine often requires synthetic supplementation to meet optimum dietary requirements. Analysis of lysine using the Biochrom 32 Amino Acid Analyser takes less than ten minutes and allows rapid adjustment of feedstuff formulations.

The ergonomic Biochrom 32 meets the requirements of the AOAC and the EU Commission directive 98/64/EC for the analysis of food and feedstuffs.

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Title Annotation:Plant and Equipment
Comment:Speeding up identification of amino acids.(Plant and Equipment)
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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