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Speeding telematics development.

"Automakers have a lot of high-end processors in their vehicles, but they don't have a great strategy for how those processors are going to share data," says John Smolucha, vice president, Marketing, Encirq Corp. (; Burlingame, CA). And that has become a major problem. Smolucha cites research indicating that 80% of serious software defects can be traced to poor data integration. One reason for that, he says, is the high percentage of manually written code used in embedded automotive applications that has to be re-written each time a component or chip changes. Encirq's solution is to automate the process with its Data Foundation Framework, which provides a development environment and service libraries specifically targeted at streamlining data management for embedded systems. A code generator built into the framework allows developers to plug in new components and have them integrated automatically, which reduces development time, and creates code that is more glitch-free and consistent.

Encirq has recently released a Telematics Edition of its framework software aimed at reducing the cost and complexity of creating advanced telematics applications. It comes with the most commonly used telematics data constructs like address books and event tables pre-built, pre-tested, and ready to drop into an application. Smolucha says using this plug-and-play method can drastically reduce development schedules and costs. He cites the use of Encirq by Delphi Corp. (Troy, MI; in developing its latest satellite navigation system with real-time traffic reports as a prime example. The project cut software development costs by 82%; reduced software maintenance costs by 91%; increased new functionality by 34%, while using the existing amount of onboard memory, and halved the concept to production development period.--KEW
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