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Speed limits can be a farce.

T SEALE'S letter (25.08.15) regarding the 20mph speed limit along Parliament Road illustrates the farcical situation we have in general with regard to speed limits.

Along Oxford Road there is a 20mph limit.

Although part of this road is quite narrow, it is a main route into the town centre via Linthorpe Road.

However, Eastbourne Road, on which there is a school, is still 30. Few, if any, drivers observe the limit on Oxford Road, including myself.

More generally, on most B roads which are often narrow with frequent bends, the limit is generally 60mph, whereas many urban dual carriageways are restricted to 50mph or even 40mph.

On the latter it would be quite safe to drive at 60 or 70 but it is often not safe to do 60 on many country roads although that is the legal limit.

Speed limits are arbitrary and have little if anything to do with road safety or reducing accidents despite what the police or road safety campaigners would have us believe.

In my opinion it is more important in terms of road safety to drive having regard to the conditions such as weather, road surface, traffic volume and the presence of pedestrians, especially children, rather than stick rigidly to a posted speed limit.


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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Aug 29, 2015
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