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Speed control.


SmartFan Nimbus-HP from Control Resources (Littleton, MA) is a compact, TRIAC based fan, pump and motor control designed for OEM applications in the HVAC, electronics and indu trial controls markets. According to the company, this microproce sor based control features:

* Applicability in environmenta control, clean room pressurization, equipment cooling, exhaust ventilation and heating/air conditioning systems.

* A design to control induction motors (shaded pole or permanent split capacitor) that have been approved for voltag control.

* On-board programming allowing the setting of many parameters providing maximum flexibility.

* Operation from an 85 to 300 VAC single-phase power source.

* Output power rating of 8 A.

* Ability for motor speed to be based on an analog control signal (4-20 mA, 2 to 10 VDC) or temperature at tip to 3 remote sensors.

* RoHS compliance.

* Availability with an open frame or with a steel cover.

* Acoustical noise reduction, greater product reliability, increased fan life, improved safety, energy savings and regulation of temperature, pressure, humidity or flow.

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Title Annotation:New Products: Electronic Components
Publication:Product Design & Development
Date:Nov 1, 2008
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